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Pros and Cons of TA Truck Stops

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Every truck driver has their favorite truck stops, whether they prefer independent truck stops or national brands. TravelCenters of America, aka TA, is also known as TA and Petro Shopping Centers. That’s because Petro Stopping Centers is the brand that owns TravelCenters of America. TA was … read more

How to Eat Healthy in a Hurry: Healthy Truck Stop Snacks


One of the biggest issues with being a truck driver is finding healthy foods to eat. You are busy with OTR cdl jobs, and your time is limited. While truck stops offer sit-down restaurants with salad bars and healthy meal options, chances are you are short on time when hunger strikes. Stick with … read more

What is DAT Solutions?

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If you are a truck driver, chances are you have no idea about how your dispatchers find your loads. Owner operators and fleet owners, on the other hand, are likely to know what DAT means. DAT or Dial-a-Truck Solutions, aka DAT Services aka TransCore DAT, are the main freight posting service in North… read more

Truckers Welcome: These Cities Treat Truckers Right

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Are you tired of living in a city where you get a lot of grief for being a trucker? Sometimes you are treated unfairly because you drive a big rig, and heaven forbid you need to park it when you’re at home. Other times you live in a city where the best truck driving jobs are found, yet it’s also… read more

These Big Trucks Win Awards — Here’s Why

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Some big rigs are just built to be winners. Others need a little extra chrome, some detailing work, and a custom paint job. In the end, all are possible contenders for the Great American Trucking Show held annually in Dallas, Texas. If you’re cruising in your trucking job and want to gear up … read more

Best and Worst States for Trucking

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With the United States in the midst of a manufacturing resurgence, it should be no surprise that the trucking industry is following suit. After all, someone needs to haul the manufactured goods to where they need to go. Yes, trucking is booming in the United States, as it’s estimated that more… read more

How to Create More Efficiency in the Trucking Industry

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Whether you are a truck driver, owner operator or company trucker, this topic is for you. Efficiency involves saving time, cutting costs and making OTR, as well as local truck driving jobs easier. So what is the magic formula for increasing efficiency in the trucking industry? As you can imagine, … read more

How to Stay Healthy in Trucking and Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check

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Sometimes driving a truck can be stressful just because of heavy traffic or because the truck breaks down and you can’t get your load in on time. If you already have high blood pressure, even everyday events like a traffic jam could increase it even more. If you have not yet been diagnosed … read more

Everything You Need to Know About Ergonomics Issues in Your Truck

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Sitting behind the wheel of a big rig for hours on end, tarping loads for flatbed trucking jobs daily in freezing temperatures, or vibrating constantly in your seat… these are ergonomic issues. Ergonomics technically means “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.” … read more

5 Ways the Internet of Things Relates to Trucking

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OK, get ready to blow your mind. The Internet of things, IoT, is a real thing that is going to have a real impact. Yes, the Internet of things. Haven’t heard of it? According to Forbes you aren’t alone; while the IoT is a foreign acronym to 80-plus percent of the population, it’s been around … read more

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