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Love’s says “Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are”

Holley Young

For the 16th year in a row, Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores is dedicating the month of September to raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. This year, the theme of the Children’s Miracle Network campaign is “Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are,” and Love’s is asking … read more

Natural gas invites new technology, less restrictions

Tom Kelley

Natural Gas Powered Long-Haulers To Get A Weight Break? One of the key reasons that natural gas powered trucks have been slow to enter the long-haul market is the weight penalty of roughly 2,000 pounds compared to a similarly spec’ed diesel truck. Unlike local delivery trucks and a small group of … read more

Decker Truck Lines takes on Missoula, MT

Taylor Brodie

As the halfway point between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Missoula, Montana is an up and coming location for the transportation industry. Decker Truck Lines just opened an exuberant new transportation terminal in Missoula, estimating to have cost around six million dollars. Missoula, … read more

BRAVO Celebrates Atlas Van Drivers

Jessica Holt

Atlas Van Lines is the largest accessory of Atlas World Group based in Evansville, Indiana. Atlas World Group has about 700 employees across North America and roughly 500 Atlas moving agents in the United States and Canada. These portable agents take part in corporate relocation, household moving … read more

Truckers’ “Right to Carry” petition for safety

Brooke Wisdom

The Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC) has presented a “right to carry” petition to Congress and the President of the United States on behalf of professional truck drivers engaged in interstate travel. The SBTC is a network of transportation professionals, associations, and … read more

Heidi Selexa can help you get “Out of the Friendzone”

Alice Deters

Heidi Selexa, award winning-radio personality and former host of XM Satellite Radio’s “80s on 8” channel, is returning to radio in a big way. Selexa has launched her newest show on CRN Digital Talk Radio. “Out of the Friendzone” will focus on explaining men’s and women’s communication … read more

35 Rules For Truckers

Holley Young

Sometimes you just get caught in the motions, and it can be hard to remember the importance of being the best version of you. We’re all guilty of it. In an industry that demands a lot, being the best trucker possible is a priority. It’s not a question of whether or not, “Can you?” It’s, … read more

Labor Day weekend means increased cargo theft threat

Alice Deters

When you think about Labor Day, a few common images probably come to mind. Cookouts with family and friends. Fireworks at local parks. The last day to sport your bright whites without breaking the old-school rules of fashion. But did you know that Labor Day weekend, like many other holiday weekends,… read more

Senate reaches for more natural gas trucks

Brooke Wisdom

A proposed bill in the Senate aims to allow natural gas powered trucks to compete with their diesel engine counterparts by giving them an exemption to federal truck weight standards. The bipartisan bill, introduced by U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) and Senator Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) on July 31 is … read more

Vanquish Worldwide Moves to Domestic Trucking

Jessica Holt

Vanquish Worldwide is known for its provision of reconstruction material and wide range of services and solutions around the world. Vanquish has recently made the decision to move to domestic trucking after many years of joint work with Afghanistan and the United States trucking industry has another… read more

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