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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Learner’s Permit Endorsements

Tuesday, Mar 19 2019

In the trucking industry, you are required to get a commercial driver’s license or CDL to be a legal truck driver. You need a CDL whether you are a Class A, Class B, or Class C driver. When you get your CDL, you can also get endorsements including hazardous ... read more

How to Get Your Commercial Learner’s Permit as a Truck Driver

Tuesday, Mar 12 2019

When you first consider a career as a commercial truck driver, you hear a lot of trucking news about getting your CDL. After all, you must have your commercial driver’s license before you can be hired for your first truck driving job. But did you know that truck driving ... read more

Practice for the CDL Using These Top Apps for Student Truck Drivers

Tuesday, Feb 26 2019

As you get started with practicing for the commercial driver’s license exam in your state, you need all the help you can get. The first part of the exam is the knowledge test that requires you to know how to operate a commercial truck safely and securely. To be ... read more

Trucking School Classrooms Vs. Truck Driver Simulators

Tuesday, Feb 5 2019

In your quest to become the best truck driver on the planet, you’re considering going to truck driving school. As you’ve researched schools and training programs, you have seen schools that offer driver simulators. Then you have schools that stick strictly to in-person instructors. Which is better for ... read more

Everything You Need to Know About Yuma Truck Driving School

Tuesday, Apr 10 2018

As you search for the best trucking schools in Arizona, there is one standout contender. The Yuma Truck Driving School offers a comprehensive list of trucking school programs. Whether you are just starting out in the trucking industry or you have been out of the industry for some time and ... read more

How to Start Truck Driving as a Second Career

Thursday, Feb 22 2018

If you are worried about becoming a trucker later in your life or as a second career, know that you aren’t the only person doing this. The current retirement generation, the biggest age group ever to reach retirement at once, is living longer than ever. Thanks to better medicine ... read more

New River Community College Offering CDL Trucking School Classes

Thursday, Nov 9 2017

At New River Community College in Virginia, interested individuals can train to be professional truck drivers. NRCC is offering the CDL training program outside of its college coursework. Plus, you can save big bucks on trucking school through a grant available at the college. Find out everything you need to ... read more

Finding a Balance: How to Pay for Truck Driver Training

Thursday, Jul 13 2017

If you are interested in becoming a trucker, then prepare yourself for some changes. For starters, truck driving school was once an option or pathway to getting hired by a trucking company. However, nowadays if you don’t go to trucking school you’ll be hard pressed to find a ... read more

Choosing the Best Trucking School in Your Region

Thursday, Jun 29 2017

For those interested in going to truck driving school, the biggest task is finding the best school for you. The primary issue is location. After all, you want to find a trucking school near you to avoid having to pay for moving or lodging expenses during the program. Secondly, you ... read more

How to Apply for Trucking Jobs on Trucker Classifieds

Friday, Mar 3 2017

If you want to find new truck driving jobs fast, let Trucker Classifieds be your guide. We help you connect with the that are perfect for you. Start Your Search To get right down to it, start your search for trucking jobs by looking for keywords or phrases pertaining to ... read more