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Belmont Enterprises Joins the Daseke Trucking Carrier Smokey Point Distributing

Thursday, Jan 25 2018

One of the flatbed trucking companies that is part of the Daseke community of carriers has recently expanded its operations. Smokey Point Distributing of Arlington, Washington has recently acquired the trucking company Belmont Enterprises. As another Washington trucking company, Belmont Enterprises is based in Olympia. Learn more about the reasons ... read more

5 Ways to Get Health Insurance Coverage for Truckers

Friday, Apr 21 2017

One of the first questions truck drivers have when searching for the highest paying trucking jobs is whether or not health insurance is available. As far as truck driver benefits goes health care coverage ranks at the top of the priority list. Yet with the current Presidential administration on the ... read more

FAQ: Understanding the Split Sleeper Berth Rule

Wednesday, Feb 22 2017

  What is the Sleeper Birth Rule? Before we talk about the split sleeper berth rule, let’s go back to the basics. The sleeper berth provision states that for OTR truckers with a sleeper berth aka bed in your truck, you can use it for your off-duty time. As ... read more

Truck Stops Where You Can Watch the Football Game

Thursday, Dec 22 2016

Do you love your pig skin? If so your favorite truck stops may be able to help. No, we are not talking about pork rinds here people, although you might be a fan of those, too. We are talking about football, that all-American favorite pastime that keeps truck drivers and ... read more

A Comprehensive Supply List for Over the Road Emergency Situations

Thursday, Dec 8 2016

Truck drivers are at the mercy of the roads every time they go out on trucking jobs. Whether they are dealing with sudden snow storms up north or frequent flooding along riverbank locales, there is always the possibility that a trucker will experience bad weather when hauling freight. On top ... read more

Low Carb Diets, What to Look for in High Protein Diet

Tuesday, Dec 6 2016

Alright, truckers. It’s getting that time of the year when you need to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions, January after January, is to lose weight. If you are gearing down the size of your pants in 2017 consider going on a ... read more

Trucking Companies That Respect Their Truckers' Family Time

Saturday, Dec 3 2016

Some trucking companies want to make the most of their drivers. However, there is only so much that can be done when you are an OTR truck driver. The very nature of this type of work means you will miss birthdays, holidays and important events in the lives of your ... read more

Listen Up! Podcasts Every Trucker Should Check Out

Tuesday, Nov 15 2016

Whether you're hauling a load across the country or you have a local truck driving job, chances are you're going to find that sometimes your in-cab entertainment options are limited. Constantly fiddling with the radio to find a great song or pulling out your tired playlist of songs is just ... read more

Best Truck Stop Chains Recommended by Diesel Mechanics

Saturday, Nov 12 2016

When you are in need of a diesel mechanic while over the road as a trucker, quality counts. Thankfully there are plenty of truck stop chains that offer prime repairs and maintenance for truck drivers. Discover where you should go, and how to figure out where to avoid, when finding ... read more

Reasons Why Truckers Should Pay Attention to Politics

Friday, Nov 4 2016

It’s almost that time when the political polls finally come to a close, and the new President of the USA will be voted into office. Whether you are going for the candidates or not, there are plenty of other reasons to be interested in voting in politics. For starters, ... read more