Trucking Stars: Who is Allie Knight?

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Truck driver Allie KnightIf you are a truck driver with any clue about social media, then chances are you have at least heard of Allie Knight. She is a truck driver, yes, “she,” as well as a YouTube celebrity. More than 54,000 people are subscribed to the Allie Knight channel called “Big Trucks Open Roads… and This Weird Chick from Boston.” Why? Because she is a long haul truck driver for Jim Palmer Trucking with a background and education in metalsmithing and jewelry making skills. In a nutshell, she's an interesting artist who just happens to be a truck driver. In the world of trucking Allie Knight's a phenomenon.

Allie, an Online Trucking Star

As a woman in trucking you are already singled out as one of the 5 percent of females in a male dominated industry. However, as a young woman with a knack for making well-edited YouTube videos, you are much more likely to stand out from the other truckers in a lounge. People are much more likely to recognize you when you go to truck stops and weigh stations, than, say, the average trucker.

However, unlike most famous people Allie wants to meet up with other truck drivers over the road. On her website she has a contact section along with a map where truck drivers can leave their name, email and optional Twitter handle along with a pin on the virtual map that shows where they will be in her area. The idea? Meet Allie over the road if you pass through her area and she’s available. Sounds interesting and could be a great way to meet a new truck driver, one who is more popular and friendly than most.

Allie also posts her upcoming schedule of events where she will be going, on her website. For example, for the summer Allie Knight will be at Laconia Bike Week in Laconia, New Hampshire along with the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, Texas. She’s also a speaker on the panel at the ALK Transportation Technology Summit 2016 from May 23 to 24 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Allie’s the perfect combo of a steadfast OTR truck driver, along with being tech savvy and intelligent.

Chances are, if there’s a truck show coming to your region, Allie might be in attendance so keep a check on her website, Facebook profile or Twitter account.

Where to Find Allie

If you are not in Allie’s geographical area, or you are skittish about meeting other truckers, fear not! There’s an app for that. Well, not an app but a website, or four. If you are looking for Allie online, she has several places where she hangs out virtually:

Payoff for Being Social

Thanks to her massive following and marketing power, Allie has several outlets that help her make more money as a trucker:

  • Hammer Lane has a shirt called the Do You Even Shift AK Series dedicated to Allie Knight as a tribute to her trucking prowess
  • Tribute to Truckers features Allie Knight in their Gone Truckin’ series
  • Content Allie creates through YouTube videos is also translated into written web content, such as for Live Trucking

So while Allie is using social media to share her passion for trucking and life on the road from an atypical perspective, she’s also building herself a brand. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see Allie on the Discovery Channel or the Travel Channel with her own spin on truck driver reality.

Resources via Allie Knight

If you aren’t interested in meeting Allie, then why should you care about who she is? Well, if you do a quick check on her Twitter feed you’ll see she offers all sorts of friendly advice and inspiration for truckers. For example, she’s recently posted a tweet about not being able to park in a Walmart parking lot in Cedar Rapids, and not being able to find overnight parking for truckers elsewhere nearby. If you are a trucker going through Cedar Rapids this is key information for you. It’s the little tidbits of knowledge, such as this, that help you make your day better and easier as a truck driver over the road.

Furthermore, if you are just looking to chat with a friendly truck driver, Allie’s Twitter feed is updated regularly, as in, daily. You will have a good opportunity to hear back from her with any communication you have. For millennial truck drivers Allie is on the same level in terms of ability to use and interest in technology. In fact, millennials are most likely to be the target audience of Allie Knight’s videos and blogs. Finding a like minded individual in a sea of baby boomers is refreshing for millennial generation truck drivers.

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