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Thursday, May 3 2018

Ozark Motor Lines, Inc., a family-owned ground transportation services company based in Memphis, Tenn., has announced a new pay increase for its long haul and regional truck drivers as well as driving teams. “It’s always great to be able to raise pay for our hard-working professional drivers,” said Patrick ... read more

Super Service Introduces Its Ground-Breaking P3 Program

Monday, Jul 17 2017

Increasing earning power and taking control of their pay is a top priority for experienced professional truck drivers but until now, many struggled to find a carrier that allowed performance to dictate pay.  This is where Super Service has taken its cue in developing its ground-breaking P3 program (Performance Plus ... read more

Pay Scale for Dry Van Truckers in the US

Tuesday, Aug 23 2016

Finding dry van truck driving jobs in the US is a breeze, as this is one of the most common haul types. A dry van load doesn’t require you to tarp or strap your load. You might even get away with a hook and drop load, which means you ... read more

How Much Do Armored Truck Drivers Get Paid?

Friday, Aug 5 2016

Getting to haul around millions of dollars and standing as an armed guard over your deliveries, does that sound like the world’s best trucking job to you? If so, consider what it requires to get started in the armored trucking job market. Then take a look at what you ... read more

Breakdown of Operational Costs for Owner Operators in Trucking

Tuesday, Mar 1 2016

Whether you are new to the trucking business or a seasoned pro, becoming an owner operator has likely crossed your mind a time or two. While taking full control of your trucking business offers the greatest potential for making money, it comes with a lot of costs. Your time is ... read more

The Definitive List of the 10 Highest Paying Trucking Jobs

Tuesday, Feb 16 2016

The truck driving industry offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of how much you can earn with trucking jobs. Depending on the types of hauls you are willing to take, and the experience you have with different trucking loads, you can increase your take-home pay substantially. Here is ... read more

What You Need to Know About a Trucking Compensation Package

Tuesday, Feb 9 2016

If you are looking for a better paying trucking job, then you want to be aware of one of the perks of new truck driving jobs. The trucking compensation package grants you a whole lot more out of your job than just a paycheck. Depending on the company you are ... read more

Best Paying Cities and States for Truck Drivers

Tuesday, Jan 5 2016

If you are on the hunt for the best paying truck driving jobs, you have a lot of variables to play around with. For starters, depending on your preferred haul type, i.e. reefer loads, tanker trucking jobs, and boat haulers, you will be able to increase your pay rate ... read more

How Truckers Earn a Living: Per Diem, Straight Pay, Percentage and CPM

Friday, Jan 1 2016

As you search for the best paying truck driving jobs, your top priority is to find the trucking company that will pay you the most money. Earning a living as a trucker involves driving to and from your destination in order to deliver loads of everything from pencils to pickled ... read more

Worst Paying Cities and States for Truck Drivers

Friday, Nov 27 2015

When it comes to finding a place to call home, truck drivers want to live where the action is, trucking action. Being close to the place where you park your rig after a long haul over the road is ideal. You also want to live in or near a city ... read more