Latest Truck Driving Stories

Driver swaps loadboard for chalkboard

Friday, Sep 20 2013

Those who can do, and those who can’t teach. Apparently no one told Matthew Kerns that! Kerns, a former truck driver for Schneider International and recently turned full time teacher, continues to live his dream of both doing and teaching. Mr. Kerns, of Piqua, OH, knew as a young ... read more

Internal combustion engine isn’t going away anytime soon

Wednesday, Sep 18 2013

In 2050, two-thirds of vehicles on the road will still be using conventional fuels like diesel. So says Richard Tucker, General Manager for Technology for Commercial Fuels and Lubricants at Shell Oil. Tucker was a speaker at a press event held in Hamburg, Germany, in August. Diesel fuel will still be ... read more

Focus on...Milwaukee

Tuesday, Sep 17 2013

Milwaukee, Wis. is home to 598,916 residents and an economy that still relies on its deep brewing traditions. Situated along its numerous waterways, Milwaukee is a strategically placed port city that still remains today as one of the largest brewing cities in America. While millions flock year round to experience everything ... read more

Schneider still trucking after all these years

Friday, Sep 13 2013

Over the last 76 years, Schneider National Inc. has adapted to the many changes that the trucking industry has endured, taking the privately owned company into the 3.5 billion dollar establishment that the customers know today. The company began when founder A.J Schneider purchased his first truck back in 1935. Since then ... read more

It's Brake Safety Week!

Monday, Sep 9 2013

Even under ideal circumstances, the braking distance for commercial trucks and buses is twice that of cars and other smaller vehicles. Brake system defects or out of adjustment air brakes further increase the safety risk of other users of our nation’s highways and, of course, that of commercial vehicle ... read more

Focus on...Omaha

Friday, Sep 6 2013

Omaha, Nebraska thrives on the Missouri River in the Midwest. Known as the “Gateway to the West,” Omaha yields an impressive population of 427,872 residents making it the largest city in the state. Since its formation in 1854, Omaha’s growth continues to spur the truck driving industry, offering regional and over ... read more

Truck Drivers Choose Best Fleets in Annual Contest

Thursday, Sep 5 2013

Do you brag about your carrier fleet every chance you get? Are you a truck driver that is constantly taking to Twitter to let your followers know what a joy it is to work for your company? If you answered yes, maybe it's time to turn those 140 character raves into ... read more

Prime increases pay

Tuesday, Sep 3 2013

OTR (over the road) company drivers, independent contractors, and associates of Prime Inc., a leading refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker trucking company, just received some good news. The Springfield, Mo.-based carrier has implemented an increase in pay. OTR drivers (who are paid on a per mile basis) began receiving a ... read more

TMC Transportation driver wins Trucking's Top Rookie

Thursday, Aug 29 2013

TMC Transportation driver and war veteran, Kyle Lee, received the honor of recently being named Trucking’s Top Rookie at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. Lee, 25, of Ottawa, Kan., was chosen out of 10 finalists from five different fleets to win the third annual contest. Lee's prize package included $25,000 ... read more

Frustrated truckers block Port of Oakland

Tuesday, Aug 27 2013

Truckers have had enough with logjams that keep them trapped in their rigs for hours and port workers who do not treat them with respect at the Port of Oakland. In protest, they blocked access to one of its major terminals and shut down five berths last Monday. Not only ... read more

EEOC must pay CRST court costs

Thursday, Aug 22 2013

In what is believed to be a record fee-sanction against the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), $4.7 million in legal costs must be paid by the agency to CRST Van Expedited, ordered by U.S. District Judge Linda Reade. The award is to compensate the Iowa-based truckload carrier for legal costs ... read more

Delivering literacy with Scholastic

Wednesday, Aug 21 2013

As the summer winds down and schools across the country are back in session, Scholastic truck drivers are busy at work. With numerous book orders and upcoming book fairs, driving opportunities at Scholastic are on the rise as truck drivers are needed to deliver books from warehouses and into the ... read more

Focus on...Boston

Tuesday, Aug 20 2013

Founded by Puritans in 1630, Boston has continuously grown as a place of opportunity and new beginnings, excelling in the transportation industry. Boston is both the largest and the oldest city in Massachusetts, possessing a rich social history filled with political changes, tourism, international trade, and empire companies that have dramatically ... read more

Court says long-haul HOS rules to stay

Friday, Aug 16 2013

A ten-year struggle over long-haul truck drivers’ hours and rest time regulations may finally be at its end with the August 2 ruling by Judge Janice Rogers Brown of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to uphold the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Hours ... read more

Knight refurbishes rider policy

Wednesday, Aug 14 2013

Over the last 23 years, Knight has adapted to the many changes in both the trucking industry and to their customer’s truckload needs. Knight has become experts in various types of truckloads including dry van, reefer, dedicated, intermodal, port, and rail services. As an innovative company, employees are granted a ... read more