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Victoria College in Texas Provides CDL Training for Trucking School Students

Tuesday, Oct 16 2018

For future truck drivers in Texas, Victoria College offers an excellent CDL training opportunity. The program provides students with everything they need to get a Class A CDL with complete endorsements at no extra charge. If you are ready to pursue your trucking career, check out the logistics for going ... read more

8 Trucking Schools in Oklahoma

Thursday, Oct 11 2018

In Oklahoma, as a student interested in truck driver training, there are a few options. However, it should be noted that none of the community colleges and technical institutes offer truck driver training. Most states provide some state and public truck driving schools for CDL students. Hopefully, Oklahoma will increase ... read more

New Trucker Parking Opportunity in Washington State

Tuesday, Oct 9 2018

If you frequently haul freight along I-5, into Seattle, or down into Oregon, then you know how stressful it is to find somewhere to park as a trucker. This part of the Pacific Northwest and Western Washington, in particular, are crowding out truckers who need to pull over to rest. ... read more

18 Trucking Schools in Ohio

Thursday, Oct 4 2018

Here in the Buckeye State of Ohio, potential truck drivers have a bright future ahead. It all starts with truck driver training, which is available at 18 private training facilities and community colleges. Whether you prefer the traditional student route or want to get your CDL as fast as possible, there’... read more

Daseke’s Central Oregon Truck Company and Leavitt’s Freight Service Merge

Tuesday, Oct 2 2018

In the latest news of trucking company mergers, Daseke is back in the action. If you’ll recall, last year Daseke added six trucking companies to its expanding fleet. In case you lost count the acquisition of Leavitt’s Freight Service by Central Oregon makes 17 trucking companies in this partnership. ... read more

10 Trucking Schools in North Dakota

Thursday, Sep 27 2018

Let’s just start out by noting the elephant in the room. North Dakota is one of the least populated states in the US. Just how many truck driver training programs can there be here? Well, as we discovered there are nearly a dozen highly reputable trucking schools in ND. ... read more

25 Trucking Schools in North Carolina

Thursday, Sep 20 2018

Long considered the golden triangle of higher education, North Carolina is a college breeding ground. So many schools have popped up here to offer truck driver training! In addition, several of the trucking schools offer multiple locations for students. This increases your opportunities by making CDL training more accessible to ... read more

Oregon Trucking Company, Reddaway, Wins 24th Consecutive Award

Tuesday, Sep 18 2018

To get chosen for a major award as a trucking company is a big deal. Getting selected for that same award for 24 years in a row? That is an epic accomplishment that Oregon trucking company Reddaway drivers have earned through hard work and dedication. Check out which categories Reddaway won ... read more

16 Trucking Schools in New York

Thursday, Sep 13 2018

As you get started with your truck driving career in New York your first goal is to get qualified. The easiest and fastest way to become a qualified Class A truck driver is to attend truck driving school. When you are looking for truck driving schools in New York, the ... read more

USA Truck Announces Regional Driver Pay Increase

Tuesday, Sep 11 2018

As a part of USA Truck’s renewed commitment to its drivers and their continued success, the carrier is raising pay for its regional class A drivers effective September 9, 2018. “We are very proud of our driving team and all they do to make USA Truck what it is today,” says ... read more