Dart Pays OTR and Regional Drivers More

Thursday, Apr 4 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

If you are an over the road truck driver or regional driver in Minnesota, Texas, or Indiana, now is a great opportunity for you. At Dart, you can get hired on as an OTR or regional hauler making some of the best rates and minimum guaranteed pay for truckers. Find out just how much these OTR and regional truck drivers are making when working for Dart today.

Pay for OTR and Regional Drivers at Dart

the dart advantage truck on the highwayDart has increased its base pay for its OTR and regional truck drivers again. Now you can make anywhere from 46 to 50 cents per mile when you are starting a trucking job at Dart. The trucking company is also offering a huge $10,000 sign-on Plus bonus. This includes a minimum pay guarantee of $1,200 a week for regional truck drivers and OTR haulers. These haul types can also boost their pay by performing at the top of their hauling game to earn a 35 cents per mile bonus a month.

Home Time for Regional and OTR Drivers

Dart also offers a guaranteed home time for its regional and OTR truck drivers. If you are taking on either of these trucking haul positions, you can choose your home time according to what meets your home-life balance. OTR drivers get two days of home time for every two weeks out on the road.

If you work for 3.5 days, you are eligible to take 3.5 days off. There is also the option of driving for two weeks and taking seven days off. This adds up to 17 weeks of time off as a truck driver a year. If you want to maximize your home time for whatever reason, Dart gives you the ability to do so.

About Dart

Dart is a long-standing trucking company that has been operating since 1934. Over the course of nearly a century, the carrier has expanded its operations to include everything from logistics to regional trucking jobs. Dart has truck driver service terminal locations in:

  • Eagan, Minnesota
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Sellersburg, Indiana

Please note there are additional regional facilities throughout the US serving local truck drivers. For OTR and regional drivers in these regions, truckload carrier jobs are in high demand. By living near one of these service terminals, you are in close proximity to make it home for home time much easier.

Finding Trucking Jobs Fast

If you want to work for Dart as an OTR or regional truck driver, start by finding trucking jobs fast. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we make truck drivers’ dreams happen every day with our free and easy trucking job search service. Along with helping truck drivers find the perfect driving job, we also make sure they are able to apply to trucking jobs immediately. This way you maximize the number of opportunities you can take advantage of—before the competition does. So get started now with Trucker Classifieds as your go-to free truck driver job search service.

Source: Dart - Info

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