Daseke’s Central Oregon Truck Company and Leavitt’s Freight Service Merge

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In the latest news of trucking company mergers, Daseke is back in the action. If you’ll recall, last year Daseke added six trucking companies to its expanding fleet. In case you lost count the acquisition of Leavitt’s Freight Service by Central Oregon makes 17 trucking companies in this partnership. Check out what Leavitt’s Freight Service brings to the group and how you can start hauling for these freight providers.

Hauling Construction Materials in the Pacific Northwest

At Leavitt’s Freight Service of Springfield, Oregon is a leading hauler of construction materials. In particular, truck drivers for this OR hauler handles utility poles, engineered wood products, steel decking, and trusses. In fact, one of the most recent jobs for Leavitt’s was to transport the steel decking that now makes up the 13.6 million square feet of Amazon’s HQ1 in downtown Seattle. If you have seen this iconic spherical building that looks alien-like, now you can appreciate the Leavitt’s truck drivers who transported all that steel through some of the most congested streets in the US.

Now Leavitt’s will join the Daseke family as part of the Central Oregon Truck Company fleet. When asked about the acquisition, Terry Leavitt, who is the retired president and co-owner of the company had this to say: “We’re excited to be joining COTC and the Daseke organization.”

Leavitt went on to clarify, “We’ve never been for sale, but we’ve had a lot of phone calls from equity companies. There was never any interest on our end – we had a legacy and a name we hold with pride. But, the business model of COTC and Daseke caught our attention and we were open to listening. And we’re glad we did. They won’t change us; they will only make us better.”

Supporting Freight Haulers in the Western US

The current CEO of Leavitt’s Freight Service, Ron Riddle, added, “I’ve considered what Rick and his team have built to be world class. They were named the overall Best Fleet to Drive For throughout North America (small carrier category), and that speaks volumes. If there was a university to learn trucking, COTC would be the teacher. They know how to grow a trucking company and do it right and ethically.”

Central Truck Oregon Company’s CEO Rick Williams had similar comments: “I’ve always admired what the Leavitt family has put together. We’re now an even stronger force in our region as we can grow together. We serve customers in 48 states and Canada with a fleet of more than 350 trucks, while Leavitt’s is a dominant niche carrier on the West Coast.

We will add to each other’s portfolio, while sharing resources. We have our operations in Central Oregon, while Leavitt’s is on the I-5 corridor, including areas of Washington, Oregon, and California. But we both run these lanes. Now, we can utilize each other’s facilities for service, maintenance, and fuel, which will help us cut costs.”

Leaders in Freight Hauling Services

By joining forces, Central Oregon Truck Company and Leavitt’s Freight Service will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Leavitt’s offers very specialized freight hauling services that require stringent attention to detail. After all, you don’t get the bid for shipping the steel for Amazons’ HQ1 for no reason.

At the same time, with COTC in the Daseke family, this flatbed hauler is able to handle an unlimited amount of freight without capacity problems. Thanks to a fleet of 17 companies nationwide, Daseke, COTC, and Leavitt’s are each able to combat the driver shortage issue effectively. However, that doesn’t mean these trucking companies aren’t hiring. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Finding a Truck Driving Job Today

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