Daseke Noted as Fastest Growing Company in Trucking in 2018

Tuesday, Apr 30 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

In 2018, Daseke made the news for a number of positive reasons. The company made two acquisitions that year—Builders Transportation Co. and Aveda Transportation and Energy Service. This follows quite a few acquisitions since 2008 when Smokey Point Distributing was added to the Daseke family. Now the public truckload trucking company with flatbed trucking jobs is making news again as the fastest growing company in the industry. Find out how this happened and how you can drive a truck for Daseke and work for such a carrier.

Fast Growing Financially

flatbed truck for central oregonIn 2018 Daseke rose to the top as the fastest growing company financially. Here you have a company that gained a revenue boost of over 91 percent. You read that correctly. After Daseke made all of those acquisitions of other flatbed trucking companies in the US over the course of the last decade, the carrier group is now seeing the vast benefits.

Having your revenue almost double, to the tune of $1.35 billion to be exact, is nothing to be shy about. For a trucking company to do that is amazing and it also is a testimony to the business that Daseke truck drivers are getting. Of course, to work as a truck driver for Daseke you will need to search for one of the subsidiaries here on Trucker Classifieds.

Daseke Trucking Companies

To assist you, check out this list of the 17 companies affiliated with the Daseke transportation group:

  • Aveda Transportation and Energy Services
  • Big Freight Systems
  • The Boyd Companies, which is made up of Boyd Bros. Transportation and WTI Transport
  • Builders Transportation Co.
  • Bulldog Hiway Express
  • Central Oregon Truck Company
  • E.W. Wylie
  • Hornady Transportation
  • J. Grady Randolph
  • Lone Star Transportation
  • Moore Freight Service, Inc
  • The Roadmaster Group
  • The Schilli Companies
  • Smokey Point Distributing
  • The Steelman Companies
  • TSH & Co. (Tennessee Steel Haulers)

Each of these companies hires local truck drivers to handle specialized and general flatbed freight. If you have experience in flatbed hauls including oversized freight and glass hauling, then Daseke has a carrier right for you. How do you find the perfect fit? Start with our free trucking job search here at Trucker Classifieds.

Choose Flatbed Trucking Jobs at Trucker Classifieds

Here at Trucker Classifieds, we feature trucking jobs for flatbed haulers from the top paying trucking companies. If any Daseke trucking companies are hiring near you, we have the postings. Just start your free truck driver job search today and see what we can provide for you.

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Source: Daseke - News

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