Flatbed Oversized Truck Driving Jobs with Commodore Group

Thursday, Feb 28 2019 admin

trucking on the interstateFor truck drivers searching for trucking jobs, check out the opportunities at Commodore Group. To start with, you need to have experience in flatbed oversized trucking loads. Student drivers will want to search for other trucking companies that hire new drivers and pay them for CDL training. As for Commodore Group truck drivers, you’ll need to live in Michigan near the Warren truck driver headquarters terminal for the company. Learn more about Commodore Group and Commodore Transport to determine if this is a good fit for your behind the wheel trucking skills.

About Commodore Transport

Commodore Transport is the flagship store of the main company, Commodore Group, based out of Warren, Michigan. The trucking company is a leading provider of trucking jobs in the Great Lakes region and the Central US. In order to hire flatbed truck drivers for oversized freight, the company has a fleet of 20 tractors and 100 trailers that include specialized trailers. These trailers are designed to handle the oversized freight that is transported by Commodore Transport truck drivers.

Truck Driver Qualifications

If you are interested in working for Commodore Group and Commodore Transport, you’ll need to meet some driver requirements. These include having at least one year of driving experience as a flatbed truck driver with oversized freight loads. If you are a flatbed truck driver you don’t necessarily have oversized load experience. This is the type of freight that involves getting a city permit and potentially a guide car, due to the massive load size.

If you have hauled oversized freight then you’ll know it and have the lessons learned to prove it. Oversized freight hauling is a far more advanced situation than just flatbed hauls. You are often required to travel within the daylight hours only, which means you are forced to find truck driver parking for oversized freight loads before dawn and at dusk. This is a challenge in and of itself, on top of pulling over 80,000 pounds in freight.

In addition to having flatbed oversized trucking experience, you also need to have a clean driving record as a truck driver. This information is available on your CSA score through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can search for your CSA score online for free anytime and you should just to make sure everything is up to par.

Trucking Jobs at Commodore Group

If you are interested in driving a truck for Commodore Group, we can assist you here at Trucker Classifieds. As a free trucking news resource, we offer you all of the latest information about the trucking industry. We highlight the best trucking companies hiring drivers now, and we help you find those top paying trucking jobs near you.

In addition, Trucker Classifieds provides specialized job search capabilities. What does that mean? Well, let’s say you are searching for a flatbed trucking job that hires company drivers. You can search for flatbed trucking jobs, as well as company drivers, both at the same time by searching for those terms here at Trucker Classifieds.

Start Trucker Classifieds Job Search

Trucker Classifieds is the leading trucking job search for you. Want to find a haul type that best serves your career goals? Maybe you want to learn new skills that help you look better in front of those top paying trucking employers. For instance, if you are a flatbed truck driver with experience who lacks oversized haul experience, as your current employer for those opportunities.

You can also search for companies with oversized trucking jobs in your city and state to see what kind of driver requirements these have. Trucker Classifieds is a free and easy way to start your next trucking job tomorrow. All you have to do is start working on your truck driver job search to see those new positions near you.

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