Heartland Express Receives Multiple Awards From FedEx Express

Tuesday, Jan 29 2019 admin

white truck for heartland express on the roadTo receive one award for a job well done in the trucking industry is great. To receive two awards from the same shipping customer? Well, that’s awesome. When these awards come from a fellow trucking company, that’s frosting on top of the cupcake. When the shipping customer slash trucking company is rated No. 2 on the CCJ Top 250 trucking companies in at least the last three years? This proves your trucking company has what it takes to run with the biggest dogs in the business. Here we are talking about Heartland Express as the award-winning shipper for FedEx Express.

About the Trucking Awards

Heartland Express was recently presented with the Core Carrier of the Year award by FedEx Express. However, this isn’t the first time the trucking company in Iowa has been presented with this honor. Heartland Express has been the Core Carrier of the Year 11 times in the last 12 years. In addition, Heartland was honored with the Platinum Award for 99.96 Percent On-Time Service.

This honor was presented to the company for providing premium trucking services. The Heartland Express fleet record has been stellar for on-time deliveries in the last five years. The North Liberty, Iowa trucking company had a 99.82 percent rating in 2014, which increased up to 99.97 percent in 2017, while 2018 saw 99.96 percent on-time service deliveries.

Heartland Express CEO Michael Gerdin said, “We are so proud of both of these awards from Fed Ex Express. Our partnership demands consistent performance at the highest levels for on-time delivery and teamwork from both organizations.”

Gerdin continued, “Achieving near perfect levels of on-time service on increasing load volumes over the last five years is a testament to this partnership and is made possible through the commitment, hard work, and safety of our professional drivers and our supporting teams. We are extremely proud to be the FedEx Express Core Carrier of the Year for eight consecutive years; this is truly an honor and a great day for our entire organization. Thank you FedEx Express!”

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Source: Heartland Express - Press Release

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