Heartland Express Trucking Jobs for All Haul Types

Thursday, Apr 18 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Want to work for a trucking company that has the most haul opportunities available? Look for a carrier that hires truck drivers for the greatest types of divisions. One great place to start is with Heartland Express. This trucking company has a bevy of haul types that will keep even the most experienced driver’s interest peaked. Whether you want to work as a team driver or you prefer regional truckload transportation—Heartland Express has the trucking job for you. Start here and learn all about the different haul types up for grabs for truck drivers in Iowa.

Regional and Long Haul Truckload Freight

The biggest bulk of freight hauls coming out of Heartland Express fall in the general freight category. Here you ship any and everything in dry v

heartland express white semi truck

an trailers via regional truckload and long haul trucking jobs. With a regional truckload haul, you are talking about short to medium range trips. You are mainly working with local distributors, which means you have access to everything from local shuttle hauls to two-day trips.

As a regional truck driver for Heartland Express, you have access to 21 truck driver terminals nationwide. This increases your opportunities to pick up regional freight loads in your part of the country. Regional drivers start out earning 52.5 cents per mile at Heartland Express. If you want to stay out over the road for a bit longer between runs, check out the over the road positions at the Iowa trucking company. You can work as an OTR truck driver and pick up freight in the lower 48 states. The company is currently hiring truck drivers for the Eastern region for OTR jobs with pay rates starting at 54.5 cents per mile.

Team Trucking Jobs

Another major aspect of Heartland Express’s shipping services is team driving jobs. The trucking company hires team drivers to handle freight in the Northwest and West Coast. As a team truck driver for the company, you are in a position to make the most money of your life. After all, team drivers keep those wheels moving the longest for the greatest potential for earnings. Just to note, Heartland Express reports that their top team driving salary for 2017 was $92,000. That is nothing to sneeze at.

Dedicated Hauls

If you want to stay on a close schedule that allows you to have a better work-life balance, check out dedicated trucking jobs. You are able to schedule home time every week with this type of trucking job. At Heartland Express, truck drivers in dedicated operations have plenty of work all year long. The dedicated trucking jobs are available nationwide.

Temperature Controlled Reefer Jobs

Heartland Express has a temperature controlled division that provides truck drivers with reefer freight loads. If you have experience in reefer hauling, this is a great opportunity for you. Want to gain this valuable behind the wheel experience? Heartland Express provides trucking jobs for reefer haulers in chill, frozen, and deep freeze hauls.

Heavy Hauling Trucking Jobs

The heavy haul division at Heartland Express is in charge of handling those oversized freight loads that customers need from time to time. Heavy-haul is a type of flatbed trucking job that involves tarping and strapping freight correctly to prevent damage or accidents. Getting experience in heavy hauls is a step in the right direction for any driver trying to boost their resume. Heavy hauls are in huge demand in every industry from oil mining to construction. Heartland Express provides its drivers with plenty of haul opportunities in this capacity. Of course, the heavier the haul, the more the pay, so the bigger the better.

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Source: Heartland Express - Opportunities

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