J.B. Hunt holds a steady hand

Wednesday, Jul 31 2013 admin

J.B. Hunt TruckingWall Street, home to some of the biggest financial markets in the world. Here, investors make the trades and exchanges that affect consumers on a global scale. Countless movies and protests are focused on Wall Street due to the power contained within its walls. But companies would never reach such high levels of production, and affect thousands of lives at a time, if they could not rely on truck drivers to deliver their goods.

Due to the pivotal impact trucks have on American businesses, Wall Street has always needed to take notice of this industry. The influence of the latest recession has affected truck drivers just like many others. As people buy less, truckers haul less. But the beginning of 2013 saw some positive growth for the industry of trucking as a whole and in particular, J.B.Hunt. The trucking industry saw a significant increase in seasonally adjusted for-hire truck tonnage in May and another increase, more mild, in June. The seasonally adjusted tonnage index is up 4.7% compared to this time last year, and just last Friday, trucker shares were up collectively by about .03%.

J.B. Hunt has had its fair share of ups and downs with the rest of the trucking industry, but they have seen steady increases this year. As of mid-July, 13 stock analysts have labeled J.B. Hunt as a Hold, while 7 have listed it as a Buy. The company also reported 15¢ payments for dividends and a 10% increase in revenue for their second quarter, up to $1.38 billion. While the jumps may not be as dramatic as others have been in the trucking realm, they have been steady, and a steady increase carries more weight and steam.

Today, J.B. Hunt makes the top 10 list for major freight shippers is North America. The trucking giant, founded by Johnnie Bryant in 1969, was originally a fleet of 5 trucks and 7 trailers that supplemented his poultry business. Just ten years later, his company grew, and the trucks began hauling goods from coast to coast. One major factor the company contributes a great deal of growth to is the use of intermodal transportation. By diversifying their transportation services in the 1990s, J.B. Hunt grew from a $10 million to a $297 million company.

To borrow from a popular political adage, as trucking goes, so goes the nation. The U.S. economy is intrinsically tied to the trucking industry and what’s good for one is generally good for the other. With J.B. Hunt at the forefront, creating innovative solutions to America’s transportation needs, the rest of the trucking world has a model to follow. American businesses can trust their supplies will get where they’re going on the best road available, and truck drivers can know that they're with a company who is in for the long haul.

To view current trucking job opportunities with J.B. Hunt, view their Trucker Classifieds company profile.

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