JB Hunt Receives Ninth Consecutive SmartWay Excellence Award

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jb-hunt-truckRecently the Environmental Protection Agency released its selection of partners to receive the SmartWay Excellence Award. There are more than 3,700 partners that are among the applicant pool. Out of this vast number, only 40 SmartWay Partners made the mark to earn the Excellence Award. JB Hunt won the award this year, as the Arkansas trucking company has nine times running. See how this SmartWay Partner and top paying trucking company in Arkansas became a winner of excellence.

ATA and SmartWay Program Announcement

The SmartWay Partners who were selected by the EPA to receive the SmartWay Excellence Award were recognized at the annual American Trucking Associations conferences in October 2018. During these conferences and meetings, the EPA presented the SmartWay Excellence Award to JB Hunt.

This trucking company from Arkansas is a forerunner in the use of sustainable trucking methods. As a top provider of intermodal trucking jobs in Arkansas, JB Hunt was able to cut out 3.4 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is the product given off with diesel emissions.

To get this award one time would be exceptional. To win the Excellence Award nine times in a row is extraordinary. When asked about the award, JB Hunt Executive Vice President and COO Craig Harper said, “We are grateful to once again receive this recognition for operating with environmental excellence. As a leader and innovator in this industry, JB Hunt will continue to invest in the technology and resources that help us further reduce our carbon footprint and improve efficiency and sustainability.”

JB Hunt is working hard to help reduce the negative impact of trucking on society. In the meantime, JB Hunt’s drivers are using less fuel, which helps everyone on down the line. Shipping customers see lower shipping rates thanks to steady fuel prices. As a result, JB Hunt’s fleet spends more time moving freight thanks to satisfied customers.

Everyone wins and gets a cleaner environment as an added benefit. Who doesn’t love clean air to breathe? Truck drivers who are interested in going green should also look into JB Hunt as one of the top environmentally friendly trucking companies in the US. Along with having a cleaner big rig that produces fewer emissions, you can also find trucking jobs for companies that specifically focus on green freight hauling. For truck drivers with an eco-conscious, this is the way to balance the great pay and experiences of a trucking career with the environmental impact of diesel engines.

Trucking Jobs at JB Hunt

As a leader in intermodal trucking jobs, JB Hunt is looking for new truck drivers to handle the increase in freight demand. If you are interested in a career with a trucking company that is at the top of its game, check out JB Hunt. Ranked No. 4 on the CCJ Top 250 for 2018, JB Hunt has more than 18,000 drivers on its national fleet. More impressively, the carrier has a whopping 107,474 trailers in its fleet along with 14,365 tractors. This is one of the biggest fleets handling freight in the nation.

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Source: JB Hunt - Newsroom

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