Love’s Travel Stops Unveils 6th Truck Stop in Pennsylvania

Monday, Jul 8 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

The Love’s construction crews have been quite busy with several new truck stops opening around the US. One of the latest travel stops at Love’s to open is located in Pennsylvania, making it the sixth Love’s Travel Stop in the state. If you are a PA truck driver or someone who regularly runs routes through the Northeast and New England regions, check out more info about this newest truck stop.

About Love’s Pennsylvania Truck Stop

front and side of yellow love's tanker truckThe Love’s Travel Stop addition is in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania on I-79 at Exit 105. Here the store will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like all Love’s truck stops are open. You can also expect all of the standard Love’s service center and c-store offerings. Take a look at a few of the perks for truck drivers at this new truck stop, which joins more than 480 truck stop locations nationwide.

48 New Truck Parking Spaces

The biggest news to come out of the Love’s Travel Stops new location is the addition of almost 50 truck parking spaces. With a total of 48 paved truck parking spaces along with seven diesel truck maintenance bays and a CAT scale, you have plenty of services available to you. Love’s has the branded Truck Tire Care center that gives you tons of tire services for big rigs. This is among one of 350 service centers that Love’s has to offer. You can also get preventative maintenance and repairs over the road for your truck at this Love’s location in Pennsylvania.

Other services that are readily available to Pennsylvania truck drivers at this truck stop include:

  • Truck driver showers, six in total
  • Laundry facilities for truck drivers
  • Subway restaurant
  • Mobile to Go Zone

When you are a regular driver that uses Love’s Travel Stops, you’ll also want to take advantage of their rewards program. The My Love Rewards professional driver program lets you accumulate points based on how many gallons of fuel and how many dollars to buy each month. You are able to cash in the rewards points you accumulate for free truck driver showers and free drink refills. That includes soda and coffee by the way. Be an eco-friendly trucker and take your own coffee mug or cooler-cup and they’ll refill that, too.

How to Use Our Free Truck Stop Resources

Want to learn more about truck stops in your neck of the woods? Here at Trucker Classifieds, we offer a database of truck stops around the nation. Search for Love’s Travel Stops in AL, MS, or GA, or check out what truck stops are in your state. Arnold’s Truck Stop, Newborn Truck Stop, Smithton Truck Stop, and of course, Love’s Travel Stops are all featured here.

Look up truck stops as you plan your route before you even leave for your next load. Have a list of the truck stop locations and the physical addresses so you can save time on searching for truck stops over the road. You can even look up the fuel prices and amount of truck driver parking available at the truck stops you’re stopping at. This way you can prepare in full to save the most money and time by knowing what to expect days before you arrive.

Preparing for Your Route as a Trucker

Other ways to prepare for your route as a truck driver include looking at trucking associations and our trucking blog. These two resources will help you propel your career in the trucking industry. Get on the right path with the networking power of trucking associations in your state and become a member supporting your trucking community.

We also give you a trucking blog with tons of truck driver advice. Whether you are completely green to the trucking industry as a rookie student driver, or you have specific questions like who’s paying the most money per mile, we have the news you need. Check out our trucking news and trucker lifestyle sections for more friendly advice for truck drivers.

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Source: Love's - News

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