McLane Opens New Distribution Center in Texas

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For Texas truck drivers, here comes a new opportunity. McLane, one of the top performing trucking companies in the US, is opening a new distribution center. The center will be located in Fort Worth, Texas and titled McLane North Texas. Check out what this distribution center offers for local TX truck drivers, as well as how to find a trucking job at McLane.

About McLane

McLane is a trucking company that is headquartered in Temple, Texas. Interesting fact, the parent organization of McLane is Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by Warren Buffet. So it’s no surprise that McLane had an annual revenue exceeding $50 billion in 2017. There is a lot of revenue backing this Texas trucking company, making it a great choice for your next employer.

McLane is also affiliated with Meadowbrook Meat Company, Empire Distributors, Horizon Wine and Spirits, McLane Grocery Distribution, The C D Hartnett Company, and a dozen other McLane regional divisions. McLane provides freight hauling for grocery store distribution, foodservice stores, chain restaurants, and beverage vendors in the Southeast and Colorado. McLane also has a distribution center located in Brazil.

These divisions and sectors all provide McLane truck drivers with tons of freight and cargo for reefer truck driver jobs. Shipping customers that McLane hauls for include Buffalo Wild Wings, Circle K, Taco Bell, Walgreens, and Walmart. If you are interested in hauling freight for these types of companies, well now is your chance. At the newest distribution center in Fort Worth, Texas, McLane will be hiring approximately 150 truck drivers.

Texas Distribution Center

At McLane North Texas, shipping customers throughout the Dallas Fort Worth metro area will have access to this refrigerated trucking company. Along with 150 new trucking jobs in Texas, the facility will also hire 450 distribution center workers. This is great news if you are looking for a way into the trucking industry but don’t have a commercial driver’s license. You can gain insight by working behind the scenes while attending truck driving school in Texas. This way you are already in a position to apply for a trucking job at McLane since you are already employed there.

The newest distribution center in North Texas will feature 625,000 square feet of warehouse and distribution space. This area will be ready for refrigerated freight thanks to the capacity of freezer and temperature controlled storage areas. The new facility will start up in March 2019, which means they are hiring truck drivers now for their Texas distribution center. The goal is to be running in full capacity by the end of 2019.

This is good to know as a truck driver who wants to work for a company that has plenty of steady freight available. Because as a trucker, you know that every day you are sitting is hundreds of dollars that is left out of your pocket. Also, considering how much revenue McLane took in last year, and the megabrand freight customers they haul for, you can bank on McLane on keeping you running.

Management at McLane agrees. Of the McLane Grocery division, Lee Cobb, the regional vice president, said, “McLane North Texas continues the company's strategic initiatives which drive customer results and position the company for growth into the future.” If you are ready to run with a fast-paced trucking company expanding across the Southeastern region with freight hauls, now is the time to apply for a trucking job.

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