National Tank Truck Carriers Honors North American Safety Champions

Thursday, May 23 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Recently the National Tank Truck Carriers organization recognized Groendyke Transport and Tandet Logistics as leaders in the industry. Among the trucking fleets across the nation, these two trucking companies handling tank loads are two major winners in safety. If you are a truck driver looking for tanker truck driver jobs, learn more about how these two companies made their marks at the top. Then find out how you can apply to trucking jobs at tank trucking companies right here on Trucker Classifieds.

Award Winning Tank Truck Companies

tanker truck for groendyke transport on the roadGroendyke Transport is a trucking company based in Enid, Oklahoma while Tandet Logistics is based in Oakville, Ontario. The carriers were both honored at the 71st Annual Conference and Exhibits program as part of NTTC’s North American Safety Awards. Heil Trailer International is a sponsor of the awards, as well as a manufacturer of tank trailers and oil trucking equipment.

John Whittington, chairman for the National Tank Truck Carriers, said, “Congratulations to both Groendyke and Tandet. This year’s contest was particularly competitive across all mileage classes, so both carriers should be extremely proud of their company-wide safety performance. With Heil’s continued support, we’re pleased to recognize these two carriers as best in class, which underscores the NTTC’s safety-based mission.”

Doug Chapple is the CEO for EnTrans International. As a representative of Heil Trailer International, Chapple added, “Heil Trailer is very proud to recognize these two winning motor carriers. Congratulations to both Groendyke Transport and Tandet Logistics for bringing home the NTTC North American Safety Champion trophies. The two Heil trophies embody a commitment to safety and what it means within our essential industry.”

Groendyke Transport is a family owned trucking company with locations in 15 states throughout North America. The carrier was the leader in the 40 to 90 million mileage category, whereas Tandet won the award in the 5 to 7 million mileage category.

Working for Tank Trucking Companies

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Source: NTTC - Resources

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