What is Peddle Run in the Trucking Industry

Monday, Aug 12 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

If you are a truck driver and you see a truck driving job for a peddle driver, you might be curious. What is a peddle run trucking job and is this a good-paying position? Well, turns out this less common term is actually another way to refer to a driver route that is characterized by frequent delivery stops. Learn more about the definition of peddle run and how this type of trucking job may benefit your salary this year.

What is a Peddle Run

A peddle run involves frequent delivery stops and is a type of route that truck drivers can take. Examples of peddle driver jobs include a UPS seasonal driver job, local line haul driver job, and FedEx P&D driver job. If you are interested in picking up trucking jobs as a peddle run driver, then start by deciphering what exactly a peddle driver is compared to other local delivery driver jobs.

Peddle Driver Versus P&D Truck Driver

aerial view of the back of a truck on a highwayA peddle driver is a truck driver who handles freight on peddle runs. Peddle driving jobs are commonly interchanged with pickup and delivery or P&D truck driving jobs. However, according to the ATA, these are different types of trucking jobs. The ATA Glossary of Trucking Terms clarifies that:

  • P&D drivers work in pickup and delivery and can also be called city drivers
  • Local drivers are truck drivers who pick up and deliver packages on a city route
  • Local drivers are also known as city drivers or P&D drivers
  • Peddle runs are routes with frequent delivery stops

So according to the ATA, a P&D driver, local driver, and city driver are one and the same. As for the peddle run, this is the route that these types of truck drivers take when handling these local delivery jobs. That means a peddle driver, P&D driver, local driver, and city driver are the same type of truck driver. All of these drivers handle peddle runs, which is another way of saying they have P&D hauls.

How to Be a Peddle Driver

To get started with how to be a peddle driver, look for trucking companies hiring P&D, local, or city drivers. You can find city driving jobs, local trucking jobs, and P&D truck driving jobs right here at Trucker Classifieds. We specialize in giving you the tools you need to make the most of your truck driving career.

Start and finish with our free truck driver job search and application service. You can also read more about the trucking industry with our free library of information about truck driving schools, truck stops, trucking associations, and more. But first, see what kind of money you could be making when you are hired as a peddle driver for local city driver jobs.

Peddle Driver Salary

According to Glassdoor, the average annual peddle driver salary is $87,846 as of June 2016. However, recent salary reports based on an hourly wage range from $10 to $20 plus tips. The biggest factor is location. If you are running peddle driver jobs in NYC, then you can anticipate making double what you would in Sioux Falls, SD. Also, if you are working for a top paying trucking company that offers peddle runs for city drivers, such as FedEx or UPS, you’re also able to get some big bonuses and benefits including stock options and retirement plans.

Increase Your Truck Driver Salary

As you search for ways to increase your truck driver salary, look beyond just base pay rates per mile or hour. Review the potential bonuses and benefits a company offers with a trucking job. This adds to the amount of money you are able to earn as a truck driver—and allows you to far exceed the national average. You can save thousands of dollars a year on health insurance, while also planning for your future with a retirement plan thanks to these options.

Another way to exceed the average truck driver salary is by finding trucking jobs here at Trucker Classifieds. We feature trucking companies and truck driving jobs that truly pay the best. Get started with your free trucking job search and see what kind of money you should be making.

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