Roadrunner Freight Offers Independent Contractors New Trucking App

Thursday, May 2 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. and the division Roadrunner Freight recently launched a mobile app called Haul Now. This app will serve as a trucking technology tool for communication and dispatching loads for independent contractors at the company. If you are an owner operator or independent contractor searching for a trucking job, consider how this app could benefit you. It just might be the tipping point you need to make the final call on where you will work next as a truck driver. Before you make any decisions, and apply to trucking jobs here at Trucker Classifieds, learn more about this innovative new app for truckers.

About the Haul NOW App

rrts semi truck on the roadAt Roadrunner Transportation, truck drivers operate as independent contractors, as well as company drivers and team drivers. Altogether, the Illinois trucking company provides more than 2,000 truck drivers nationwide with hauls every day. To handle this capacity, the company has a fleet of 1,000 trucks and 1,900 trailers. In addition, Roadrunner Freight is providing the Haul NOW mobile.

Michael Rapken, serving as the chief information officer for Roadrunner Transportation Systems, said, “Constantly focusing on technology enhancements is crucial in our industry and extremely important to our company. The launch of this application is just one of the ways we are using technology to emphasize the driver experience. Driver safety is a priority for Roadrunner Freight, therefore, our app requires users to declare that their vehicle is in park to eliminate driver distractions.”

The app is designed to allow drivers for Roadrunner Freight to book LTL freight loads for the carrier more easily. By using the app, the company expects its drivers to see an improvement in communication between drivers and dispatchers. In addition, drivers and dispatchers will be able to view documents and information about loads via the app.

This will reduce missed messages and streamline the time it takes for communications to be carried out. As a result, Roadrunner Freight should see even more gains in the time it takes drivers to get loads delivered on time.

According to Frank Hurst, who is Roadrunner Freight President, “Continued investment in technology, starting with this app, advances our mission of being the destination of choice for independent contractors and drivers. This is a huge step in improving the transparency of our network and streamlining communication between Roadrunner Freight and our customers, independent contractors and partners.”

Hurst continued, “Feedback from our ICs allowed us to customize this application and improve their experience when partnering with Roadrunner Freight. This application will have a tremendous impact for our drivers, beginning with increased mileage and reduced downtime. We could not be more excited to debut this new tool!”

Driving for Roadrunner Freight

For LTL truck driving jobs at Roadrunner Freight, start here at Trucker Classifieds. We give you all the tools you need to be able to find truck driving jobs fast. You are able to work as a driver in your city and state while earning the money you need for your household. Along with providing you with hundreds of new trucking job opportunities every day, we also set you up with success with a free trucking application. You can apply to trucking jobs online right now and start earning big money soon.

Roadrunner Freight also hires truck drivers for long haul trucking jobs, regional hauls, and next day services. The carrier has 19 service centers throughout the US to best serve its fleet of truck drivers. These locations include:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Commerce, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Houston, Texas
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • San Francisco, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • St. Paul, Minnesota

If you are a truck driver in these cities or located nearby, you are in close proximity of a Roadrunner Freight service center. This puts you in the right place for this trucking job. All you need to do now is put your truck driving application in the right place. How? Why, with Trucker Classifieds at your side, of course.

Choose Trucker Classifieds for Trucking Jobs Today

We will give you the information you need to make your trucking job work harder for you. That means you will be able to make more money than you thought possible as a truck driver. Expand your options today with Trucker Classifieds as your preferred resource for commercial truck driving jobs.

Source: RRTS - News

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