Ruan Transportation Offer Truck Driver Simulator Training in Waterloo, IA

Tuesday, Sep 3 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

For truck drivers urging for modern-day truck driver training, we have an opportunity for you. At Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, IA, Ruan Transportation has established a truck driver simulator training program. This uses, you guessed it, a driver simulator much like a video game that an airline pilot or military driver would train using. Learn more about what this driver training program is all about and how you can enroll at HCC and with Ruan Transportation.

About Driver Simulators at Hawkeye Community College

ruan truck on the roadThe Regional Transportation Training Center in Waterloo is the new home for two driver simulators. These simulators were donated by the trucking company Ruan. It was part of an initiative called the Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program. The goal of the donation is to give truck driving school students at Hawkeye Community College the chance to train using these high-tech simulators.

Shawn Goad serves as the Ruan Transportation Vice President of Operations. When asked about the simulators, Goad said, “These simulators offer the most realistic virtual driving experience on the market. They offer selectable transmission layout, distance and speed perception training, simulation of the air brake system, motion and vibration of the cabin, an extensive set of training scenarios, and more.”

Benefits of Truck Driver Simulators

When you have a choice between truck driver simulator and a big rig for training, which should you opt for? While purists in the industry are going to say big rig every time, there are some benefits that come with using driving simulators. The technology allows trucking school students to achieve virtual behind the wheel experience without the risk of over the road training.

Goad explained why it is so beneficial to use these simulators for training new drivers. He said, “The experience students will have using these simulators is as close to reality as possible, without risking the safety of the motoring public. Allowing students to virtually experience and learn from the challenges they’ll face on the road is invaluable. We thank Hawkeye Community College for this partnership and for training the next generation of professional drivers.”

Students are able to see and experience what it will most likely be like to drive a tractor OTR in the safety of a simulation. This increases student driver confidence since they are assured they cannot get into an accident. For rookie drivers just starting out, this can mean all the difference in getting over that hurdle from training to Class A CDL holder.

Of course, nothing replaces real-world driving.

You can never fully prepare for the invigorating feeling and adrenaline rush of getting behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer weighing 80,000 pounds to drive across six states. It’s simply a career that is totally unique to any cubicle or factory job. For drivers that aren’t at that level of confidence behind the wheel yet, a driving simulator is a perfect entry into the truck driving industry.

Military Driver Training at Hawkeye and Ruan

As another part of this partnership with Hawkeye and Ruan Transportation, these organizations provide truck driver training. Together these organizations are partnered with the US Department of Veterans Affairs to train military drivers. Students attending Hawkeye for training can enroll in the Military Driver Apprenticeship Program. This program connects drivers with Ruan Transportation for the driver mentorship. To be eligible, you need to be an 88M military personnel, which is a motor transport operator or truck driver for the Army National Guard and the Army.

What to Expect in Training

The Military Driver Apprenticeship program is a six-week truck driver training program. This is followed by another six weeks of training with a driver safety instructor from Ruan. Post-graduation from the 12-week training program, you earn your rank as an apprentice-level truck driver at Ruan. You are eligible to get hired by Ruan for a truck driving job as a student driver, which comes with a whole host of benefits.

Get Hired by Ruan Today

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