Ryder Opens Maintenance Facility for Truck Drivers in Pennsylvania

Tuesday, Oct 30 2018 admin

rear view of Ryder truck on the roadRyder has recently made its nationwide fleet that much more efficient. The logistics and transportation company has opened a new truck maintenance center in Pennsylvania. This is prime Ryder real estate in the Northeastern US, positioning the company to increase its freight hauling services. If you have been curious about driving a truck for Ryder Systems, and you live in Pennsylvania or the Northeast, now is a great time to apply for a trucking job. But first, learn more about what this new maintenance facility will provide for truck drivers.

About the PA Trucking Terminal

Ryder has opened a truck driver facility in Leesport, Pennsylvania. This facility was recognized in a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 20, 2018. On over 5 acres, the 14,000 square foot facility is setting Ryder drivers up for success. This terminal is a modern, high-tech maintenance facility that will provide full service for the Ryder fleet. It also comes equipped with plenty of office space and a driver’s lounge area in a 4,600 square foot building. In addition, truck drivers will be able to take advantage of the drive-thru truck wash bay. This 3,000 square foot space features a fully automated wash system. In addition, there are separate lube equipment and battery charging rooms.

Modern Maintenance and Service

At the facility, diesel technicians will be able to work on all sorts of trucks including advanced fuel vehicles. This includes electric vehicles and natural gas vehicles. The new vehicle maintenance facility shows that Ryder will be ready to handle the future of commercial vehicles. As a truck driver, this is the kind of trucking company you want to work for. After all, you want to be with a carrier that can provide you with freight for the long haul.

Expanded Truck Maintenance

The facility makes it easy for truck drivers in PA to navigate Route 61 between I-78 and I-81. According to the fleet management solutions president at Ryder, Dennis Cooke, “Reading’s proximity to multiple major highways in the region makes it a strategic hub for truck freight, and an ideal location for a new Ryder branch where we can provide customers in the area with a full range of expanded truck maintenance services, rentals, and lease solutions. This innovative new facility will provide a foundation for growth in the area and serve fleet owners and customers well into the future.”

Driving a Truck for Ryder

Ryder Systems has been around long before any other trucking company. The transportation corporation got its name to fame in the railroad days in 1833. Over the years, the company has grown to be worth more than $7.3 billion. Along with a fleet running nationwide, Ryder has fleets operating in the UK, Canada, and Mexico. Overall, more than 36,100 people work for Ryder. If you are interested in becoming 36,101, now is the time to apply for a PA trucking job.

How to Find PA Trucking Jobs

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Source: Ryder - Press Release

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