Saia Opens New York LTL Freight Terminal

Tuesday, May 28 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

In the latest trucking news from the East Coast, one of the best trucking companies to work for in Georgia is expanding operations. Saia, Inc. and Saia LTL Freight is adding a second trucking terminal to the Northeast. Find out where this New York terminal will be located, as well as more about Saia career opportunities including Saia trucking pay. After all, here at Trucker Classifieds has you covered when it comes to finding jobs at local trucking companies in Georgia.

Saia Expands to NY Trucking

Saia truck on highwayThe latest addition to the Saia locations is in New York in the city of Newburgh. It will serve LTL shipping customers in metro New York City. This is only one of many regional locations that Saia LTL Freight has opened or will establish within the year. Just this March, another Saia terminal location was opened up in Wrentham, Massachusetts. That terminal provides trucking freight services and trucking jobs throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Regarding the expansions with Saia locations and trucking jobs in the Northeast, executive vice president of Saia, Inc., Paul Peck, said, “We are extremely enthusiastic about our strategy of adding terminals in both the Northeast and in existing markets as we work to get closer to customers with the ultimate goal of providing even better service.”

Peck spoke more on the new Saia location in New York. “Providing our customers with industry-leading service remains our top priority. Our Newburgh terminal is just the latest example of this commitment. Again, our operations, sales and management teams have worked to ensure this new facility is staffed and ready to meet shipper demand starting Monday.”

Trucking Companies in Atlanta, Georgia

Among trucking companies in Atlanta, Georgia, Saia is a leader in LTL freight hauling sector. At Saia truck drivers work in less than truckload and expedited trucking jobs. This means working for trucking companies near me that offer local and regional hauls. You are able to be home on a consistent basis—and all drivers appreciate regular home time from a trucking company. In addition, you are never away from home for too long.

Saia Trucking Pay

As a Saia truck driver, your Saia trucking pay rates are at the top of the line. For starters, you may get paid according to cents per mile or by the hour depending on your type of trucking job. For line-haul drivers at Saia, for instance, they are paid according to CPM. A recent job posting for Saia trucking jobs for line haul drivers offered a Saia trucking pay rate of 57 to 66 cents per mile. If you have at least 18 months of behind the wheel driving experience, you start at the 66 CPM rate.

Local city driving jobs at Saia trucking pay by the hour and start at up to $27.58 for drivers with experience. You can also work as a part-time dock worker if you are a student driver looking for training. Dock workers at Saia pay up to $23.11 an hour and allow you to attend daytime trucking school while working part-time. Another option here is to search for trucking companies that offer paid CDL training.

This helps you get your truck driving license and behind the wheel training without getting in debt with trucking school. You get paid to work for a trucking company from the get-go, which means you have their support while in training. If you want to find a truck driving school near you, check out our free trucking schools listings in your state.

Finding Trucking Jobs at Saia LTL Freight

If you are looking at Saia LTL Freight, we have the trucking jobs for you here at Trucker Classifieds. Let us help you go from no job to the best trucking job in Atlanta, Georgia where you will be driving for Saia LTL Freight. Our free truck driving job application process helps you win the freight loads and pay rates you deserve for your qualifications and behind the wheel driving experience.

Source: Saia - Press

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