Schneider National Tracking Loads Using FourKites Technology

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Schneider national truck on the highwayTrucking technology is making great strides in the industry, and one company is on the forefront of implementation. Schneider National is now using a revolutionary new system for trucking load tracking. Using the efficient FourKites system, Schneider is able to monitor a number of freight load qualities at any point in hauling. Check out what FourKites is all about and why using this type of disruptive trucking technology puts Schneider’s orange trucks ahead of the competition.

What is FourKites

FourKites is a type of tracking software that uses real-time tracking and interactive mapping. This system also features predictive analytics to make tracking as exact as possible. Using FourKites, allows Schneider National to identify freight at any mile along the route from pick-up to drop-off. Instead of seeing blips on a screen, FourKites allows for the most precise location possible. For supply chain management teams, FourKites is the best way to track everything from location to the temperature of freight loads.

The Vice President and General Manager of Supply Chain Management at Schneider National, Mike Kukiela, had this to say about the use of FourKites: “With the emergence of e-commerce, coupled with today’s lean transportation networks, shippers struggle with visibility to their shipments. Integrating FourKites enhanced visibility capabilities within our leading supply chain technology platform allows customers to instantly know where their shipment is within their network.” The system is equally as easy for Schneider National truck drivers to handle, which helps improve job satisfaction.

Schneider a Leader in Trucking Technology

This isn’t the first time Schneider has pursued an innovative technology to help achieve shipping goals and to make truckers’ lives easier. The trucking carrier has consistently been able to apply trucking technology effectively so to improve the company’s end goal, which is total satisfaction throughout the supply chain.

FourKites CEO, Matt Elenjickal, adds that “Schneider has been at the forefront of technology disruption in the trucking industry, starting with the adoption of satellite tracking back in the 1970s. We are thrilled to help deliver the industry’s most accurate multimodal tracking and predictive analytics platform to Schneider’s non-asset-based customers across a wide range of verticals.”

Benefits for Schneider

By implementing disruptive and new technology in its fleet, Schneider is doing more than tracking loads. This type of technology is also helping the company lower shipping costs thanks to big data gathered from this technology. Everything from routes to weather is tracked and can be analyzed to help Schneider make smarter trucking decisions right now. This helps with end-customer relationships by strengthening confidence and saving them money.

In the end, Schneider truckers also win because they are gaining the ability to haul for a company with consistent contracts and long-term customers. Truck drivers are also able to improve their on-time performance, which looks good for both drivers and Schneider National.

Source: Schneider National - Newsroom

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