Superior Bulk Logistics Expands Operations in Four Initiatives

Thursday, Apr 25 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Superior Bulk Logistics is a trucking and logistics company in Oak Brook, Illinois. Established in 1966, the company is ranked No. 103 among the CCJ Top 250 with about 965 drivers in its fleet. Recently, management released news that Superior Bulk Logistics had expanded its operations in four major areas. Check out these initiatives that include automating invoices and a new maintenance program. Learn more about what’s happening at this Illinois trucking company as it expands its operations.

Superior Bulk Logistics Driving Academy

tanker for superior bulk logisticsOne of the initiatives that the Illinois trucking company unveiled is the Superior Bulk Logistics Driving Academy. This truck driver training school will be opening in Greer, South Carolina. It will be available to anyone interested in in-depth training in the bulk transportation industry. Students who graduate from Superior Bulk Logistics Driving Academy and are hired by the trucking company receive 100 percent tuition reimbursement.

Paperless and Automated System

Among the initiatives is the implementation of a paperless and automated system. Wes Stone, CEO and President at Superior Bulk Logistics, said, “The new paperless system will replace our existing technology and make the average day much easier for drivers and dispatchers alike. For example, billing will be automatically generated at the time of electronic signature.”

This system will allow truck drivers for Superior Bulk Logistics to better manage their paperwork. Instead of sending things in via snail mail or, dare we say fax, you are able to send it via a digital method, such as email or an app. By using automated technology to handle documents and invoices, Superior Bulk Logistics is greatly freeing up the amount of time that truck drivers have to spend dealing with this stuff.

More importantly, there are fewer mistakes and lost documents since everything is automated. When going paperless, everything is also stored in a cloud-based system, which means everyone who needs access to the documents can do so from wherever they are located. For the trucking industry, this is a huge advantage.

The benefit of expanding these operations will be to help increase trucking clients, and therefore the number of available trucking jobs for drivers at the company. After all, the more efficient Superior Bulk Logistics can operate, the more time can be spent sourcing new customers.

Stone explained further the benefits: “We anticipate major gains in equipment optimization and time management. Throughout our network, we have the opportunity to do much more tank cleaning for select outside carriers. That will increase utility and income without further investment in physical assets.

Maintenance Center Beta Test in Pennsylvania

This only the start of the initiatives at Superior Bulk Logistics. The company is also looking to the future with a major maintenance project. Stone explained, “In addition, we will begin a new outside maintenance program in key locations, essentially turning terminals into complete maintenance centers. We plan to do a beta test in Karns City, Pennsylvania, and if that proves as successful as we anticipate, we’ll strategically replicate that model at other SBL terminals.”

Regarding all of the new projects taking place at Superior Bulk Logistics, Stone concluded, “These projects are transformative in that they will help us meet our own standards for extraordinary service and growth. Adapting to new ways of doing things is never easy, but ultimately, we’ll be able to support our people even more strongly and achieve smarter and better logistics solutions. These key initiatives go hand in hand with our planned expansion of core operational services. All contribute to our number one goal: customer success.”

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Source: Superior Bulk Logistics - Blog

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