Truck Driver Social Media Convention postponed

Friday, Jul 26 2013 admin

The third annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention (TDSMC), scheduled for October 11th of this year, has been postponed until sometime in 2014. The convention was supposed to be held at the Harrah’s Resort and Convention Center in Kansas City, but after the further decline in Donna Smith’s health, the founders decided to call it off. Allen and Donna Smith regret having to make the tough decision but believed it was best to do so early before too many accommodations had been made. The Smith’s will be returning ticket money in the coming weeks, and participants are strongly encouraged to contact Harrah’s Resort immediately for a refund.

Allen & Donna Smith Donna & Allen Smith

The goal behind the TDSMC is to unite people in the trucking industry to promote better conditions for truck drivers, specifically through the tools of social media. The convention is also a place where people in the trucking industry can be around others who share similar joys, frustrations, and aspirations as them, something they may not get much in their lives on the road.

The husband and wife team behind the TDSMC vision, Allen and Donna Smith, have been promoting higher standards for truckers for years. Allen Smith has been a trucker driver for over 3 decades and is now a published author. He's also the voice behind the Ask the Trucker blog; he and Donna both work vigilantly through the blog and its social media channels to be a voice, as well as a set of ears, in the industry.

Due to their commitment to the people in the trucking industry, one of the highlights of the convention, the 2013 Safe Truck Parking Survey, will still be presented to the Department of Transportation as it is completed.

We wish Donna and Allen the best through their medical trials and eagerly wait for good news, as we're sure many of you do too.

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