12 Trucking Schools in Arizona

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canyon in arizonaArizona is a hotspot for several of the best paying trucking companies. Knight-Swift along with Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation, as well as CR England and Central Arizona Freight, are all based in this state. It is a prime transport position connecting California with the rest of the Southwest including Texas and Mexico. So finding a trucking job in Arizona has been made easier for truckers. Want even more of a hiring advantage? Go for the win with a truck driver school certificate. Here are trucking schools in Arizona ranging from those in Phoenix and Tucson to community colleges.

Truck Driver Job Market in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and home to more than 1.6 million people. It is also the tenth biggest city in the US according to its size. This expansive size allows Phoenix to accommodate large training facilities, such as trucking schools that require the use of an outdoor parking lot for driving practice. In addition, the transportation sector is the fourth largest employment category at 6.1 percent of the population.

This falls in line with the third largest industry, manufacturing, which accounts for $18.2 billion of the gross domestic product. Companies that are based in Phoenix include the mining company called Freeport-McMoRan, the electronics corporation Avnet, and the Aerospace division of Honeywell. Several other aviation and electronics facilities are located in Phoenix—all of which add to the high demand for freight services and trucking jobs in Arizona.

Six CDL Truck Driver Training Schools in Phoenix

To accommodate this high demand for trucking jobs, Phoenix is the premier city in Arizona for truck driving schools. There are six trucking schools located here including:

  • Southwest Truck Driver Training
  • Swift Driving Academy
  • Phoenix Truck Driving Institute
  • Southwest Truck Driver Training
  • American Institute of Technology (AIT) Truck Driver Training
  • Arizona CDL Truck School

Each of these schools for professional truck driver training services is privately owned. You will most likely not be eligible to receive scholarships or federal aid when attending these trucking schools. Therefore, you will need to find an alternative to paying for trucking school, such as getting a personal loan or choosing a job at a carrier offering tuition reimbursement.

There is one exception. The Swift Driving Academy is run by a trucking company, Swift Transportation. With this school, you will be eligible for free tuition if you contract your trucking services to drive for Swift Transportation upon your graduation and receipt of your CDL. Swift Transportation is in partnership with Knight Transportation as Knight-Swift, which is the biggest trucking company by truck volume in the US.

Two Community College Programs for Truck Drivers

In Arizona, there are currently two community colleges that offer CDL truck driver training. These include:

  • Mohave Community College Truck Driving Program in Kingman
  • Pima Community College in Tucson

The benefit of going to a college for trucking school is that you may be able to receive scholarships, grants, or some other form of aid. This all revolves around whether the school offers truck driver training as a diploma or a certificate. If you get a diploma you are most likely going to be in a program that involves credit hours. If so, you will be responsible for paying for each credit hour that you take classes. This is the same situation for college students pursuing other programs like business or graphics design.

So you are eligible to apply for federal aid and to receive tuition assistance in the form of scholarships, grants, and work-study programs. This can help low-income truck driving students out a lot because you may be able to get financial aid to cover most or all of your schooling costs.

If you go into a certificate program at a community college, this is typically through a workforce development center. As a result, you will have to pay a lump sum for training and are not eligible for student aid. Before choosing a community college in Arizona for trucking school, consider which type of program is being offered to see how you can pay for school.

Two Options for Truck Driver Training in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona is the second most populated city in the state, right behind Phoenix. As such, it only makes sense that Tucson would be a common ground for truck driving schools. In fact, there are two privately owned trucking schools here:

  • HDS Truck Driving Institute in Tucson
  • Southwest Truck Driver Training in Tucson

These schools have each been in business for more than 20 years, which shows their commitment to providing quality truck driver training. Both of these independent trucking schools are set up to offer financial aid to students who qualify, which is a unique offering by private truck driver schools.

Two Other Arizona Cities With Trucking Schools

Yuma, Arizona is a popular retirement community that is also home to several schools including Northern Arizona University and Arizona Western College. It is also the location of a truck driving school:

  • Yuma Truck Driving School in Yuma

Kingman, Arizona, famously known as The Heart of Historic Route 66, is the perfect location for the final trucking school on our list:

  • Trainco Truck Driving School in Kingman

This school is sponsored by Schneider National. As a result, Schneider offers truck driving students the opportunity to go to this trucking school for free as long as they agree to drive for the company post-graduation.

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