14 Trucking Schools in Maryland

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trucking on the interstateMaryland may not be big in geographical size, but the state sure has a lot of truck driver training schools. Whether you want PTDI-certified training or weekend trucking school, there is a program available for you here in Maryland. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we have everything you need to do your research about trucking schools near you. Check out this list of trucking schools along with basic information about some of these schools.

Privately Owned Trucking Schools

As a privately owned trucking school, each of these schools focuses primarily on driver training. Ideally, this means these schools have access to the most progressive training methods and driver labs. In order to choose the best school for you, start with the location of the facility. Then consider the length and cost of the program for Class A CDL training. Ultimately, even the best school you choose is only as good as the amount of effort you put in to the class. Here are the schools in Maryland to choose from:

  • CFI CDL Truck Driving School in Baltimore
  • All-State Career Schools Class B only at Baltimore Campus
  • North American Trade Schools in Baltimore and Windsor Mill
  • HCDL Training Center in Gaithersburg costing $1,800 for training and the MVA driving test for the CDL
  • Mr. George’s Driving School in Montgomery Village
  • Drive-Rite Driving School in Pasadena and Odenton
  • CDL 4 Less in Clinton, which costs anywhere from $800 to $2,500 depending on what types of lessons and payment plans you choose
  • CDL Book Club in Laurel, Marlow Heights, and Denton with training costing $1,200 total
  • Alex CDL Training in Hyattsville

Private trucking schools in Maryland, on average cost a fraction of what the community college programs cost. However, if you choose a CDL school that is not affiliated with an accredited learning institute, you miss out on potential grant and scholarship opportunities.

Community Colleges and CDL Training

The place to go for grant money or scholarships for tuition to trucking school is your local community college. Several colleges in the state are offering comprehensive CDL training in Maryland. These schools provide access to the latest equipment and teaching technology:

  • Prince George's Community College CDL Training in Laurel

The Prince George’s Community College is providing training for the Class A CDL exam, as well as Class B exam. Currently, Maryland students are being accepted into a weekend training program.

  • Garrett College in Grantsville

CDL Class A training is available via a training partnership with the Mountain Top Truck Driving Institute.

  • College of Southern Maryland Center for Transportation Training in La Plata

This school is PTDI-certified and has been training students in trucking since 1991. Students who are enrolled in credit courses for getting a Class A CDL are eligible for federal aid. You’ll need to fill out a FAFSA form online. This shows your financial eligibility to receive financial grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. For example, individuals eligible for the Pell Grant can receive this grant for the CSMC trucking school program.

  • Hartford Community College in Bel Air

For this comprehensive CDL Class A course the tuition is $4,625. The program lasts for 300 hours of in-class and behind the wheel training. Classes vary from weekly daytime sessions to weekend training.

  • Wor-Wic Community College

This Class A CDL training program includes CDL testing and has a total price tag of $4,185. The facility offers several scholarships, such as the Career Starters Scholarship and Lower Shore Workforce Alliance training program.

All in all, the community college programs for CDL training are top notch and comprehensive. At each of the schools, you’ll find a higher price tag compared to the privately owned trucking schools. However, with the possibilities of a federal grant for funding and PTDI-certified training at least one community college, the higher price tag can be worthwhile.

Consider if you want these services though before committing to paying for them. Also, go ahead and complete the FAFSA form. Make sure to enter community colleges offering CDL training to see if they are eligible recipients of federal funds. This can give you financial assistance that can make or break your decision on a particular school.

Neighboring States

As Maryland is one of the smaller states in the nation, you are within driving distance of schools in neighboring schools. This can open up your training opportunities. Check with the truck driving school pages here at Trucker Classifieds for schools in Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. We have created lists of schools for each of these states to make it easier for you to find the schools near you.

You can contact schools located in surrounding states to see if they offer Maryland truck driver training. This is important since there can be differences in CDL exam topics from state to state. One school that offers out of state training is the 1st CDL Training Center of Nova in Alexandria, Virginia. This school caters to Maryland trucking school students. Bradway Truck Driving School in Vineland, New Jersey serves the northern half of Maryland. However, with so many training options within the state lines of Maryland, you’re bound to find a quality trucking school near you.

Check out the individual schools here on Trucker Classifieds to read a more in-depth profile. Find out who to call about visiting the school and getting more information about classes or tuition costs. This will help you with making a smarter choice regarding which trucking school in Maryland you’ll end up going to.

You can also check out schools in other states in the US. Find out how much it would cost you to attend a trucking school in another part of the country, like the Midwest or Southeastern states. We have all of the information readily available for you as you continue to research this decision.

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