26 Trucking Schools in Michigan

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aerial view of the back of a truck on a highwayIf you are a resident of the state of Michigan, you have one of the best opportunities for attending trucking school of any state. Here are more than two dozen different training programs dedicated to student drivers. You are able to learn everything you need to get a CDL and how to be a professional truck driver so you are ready for the open road. To begin your trucking journey, here are all of the trucking schools in Michigan. Check out the private training facilities along with the community colleges that teach trucking students.

Trucking Schools in Sterling Heights

A few of the cities in Michigan had more than one school including Sterling Heights. Here you have the following trucking schools:

  • All Cities Driving School
  • US Truck Driver Training School

Next up we have all of the schools in Detroit, Michigan. Being one of the most popular cities in the state it’s easy to see how so many schools ended up located here. If you are living or moving to Detroit, check out your options among these schools:

  • All Stars Truck Driving School
  • Great American Truck Driving
  • Rassem Trucking Driving School, Inc.

And if you like the beach life or outdoor experiences in Escanaba, Michigan, you’ll be happy to hear there are a couple of trucking schools located here. Home of the Upper Peninsula State Fair each year, Escanaba is also home to wineries, lighthouses, museums, and state parks. Back to the trucking schools, here are those located in Escanaba, MI:

  • Midwest Truck Driving School
  • North Country Heavy Equipment School

If you are living in central Michigan, consider attending the Saginaw trucking schools. These include:

  • Driving for America
  • 160 Driving Academy

Then you have several trucking schools in MI that are all scattered around the state. Michigan is fortunate that is so well represented in the truck driver training community. Among the professional, independent training programs, here are those in MI:

  • Suburban Truck Driver Training in Romulus, MI
  • Coast 2 Coast Truck Driving School in Macomb and Marine City, MI
  • West Michigan CDL in Grandville, MI
  • Trainco, Inc. in Taylor, MI
  • Road Warrior Truck Driving School Inc. in Gaylord, MI
  • International Trucking School in Canton, MI
  • FCG Truck Driver Training School in Byron Center, MI
  • Tri Area Trucking School in Freeland, MI
  • GTR Trucking School in Hamtramck, MI
  • Pinnacle Truck Driver Training in Cadillac, MI
  • Bert’s Testing and Training Services Inc. in Dearborn Heights, MI
  • EZ Truck Driving School in Dearborn, MI

Each of these truck driving schools offers its own set time frame, cost, and curriculum. Those are the key factors to consider among each of the schools. Then set your own boundaries. Decide how much you can afford to spend and set your limits. Think about how long you can afford and want to be sitting in a classroom. Then choose a factor that means the most to you.

For example, if budget is an absolute hard line for you that you must stick to, then that is the variable that is pre-set for you. You may have to give and take a bit with other services offered at trucking schools depending on your resources.

Community Colleges and CDL Training

Several community colleges throughout Michigan are currently offering CDL training for students. These include:

  • Mid Michigan Community College in Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • Mott Community College in Flint, MI
  • Gogebic Community College in Ironwood, MI
  • Muskegon Community College in Muskegon, MI
  • North Central Michigan College in Petoskey, MI

Mid Michigan Community College

At these community colleges in Michigan, truck driver training is both affordable and easily accessible. For example, the CDL Class A training program offered by the Mid Michigan Community College is only three weeks long. The total cost for the program is $3,900.

Mott Community College

At Mott Community College, the Commercial Drivers License Certificate requires you to complete 32 credit hours of coursework. This includes courses on supply chain logistics, beginning algebra, computers, and higher math. As a side note, this is one of the only schools that offer CDL training requiring students to take courses in these areas.

Gogebic Community College

The Gogebic Community College charges a total program fee of $4,404. That school also requires trucking students to obtain trucking school credit hours. They must have 16 hours for Class A CDL truck drivers. This includes both in-classroom and behind the wheel lab training.

Muskegon Community College

At Muskegon Community College, students wanting to be a truck driver can choose from a few different CDL courses. There are four and five-week long courses including the basics and advanced skills training. For trucking school students who want to learn everything they can, the Advanced CDL Training program for five weeks is the best option. The four weeks course is a 160-hour program, while the five-week course is a 184-hour program.

North Central Michigan College

One of the longer training programs comes from North Central Michigan College. Here the training for student drivers lasts a total of 15 weeks. That’s one of the longest of any school. This program does give student drivers 10 weeks of 40-hour-week-long behind the wheel training with an instructor. It is excellent for encouraging confidence and knowledge of the equipment.

Finding Trucking Jobs

As you can see, Michigan has tons of truck driving schools to choose from if you are interested in becoming a trucker. When you are ready to find a trucking job after you get your CDL and go to trucking school, let Trucker Classifieds help you. We have all of the listings of trucking jobs for companies paying the best rates and benefits.

Go ahead and check out the jobs we have listed now. Get an idea of what kind of money you can make and benefits you’ll get with certain companies. Then come back and apply for your first trucking job.

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