25 Trucking Schools in North Carolina

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north carolina highway at nighLong considered the golden triangle of higher education, North Carolina is a college breeding ground. So many schools have popped up here to offer truck driver training! In addition, several of the trucking schools offer multiple locations for students. This increases your opportunities by making CDL training more accessible to you. Another way you can boost your chances of getting your truck driver training is by using this list. We have researched all of the trucking schools and truck driver training programs in North Carolina that are currently accepting student drivers.

Professional Trucking Schools in North Carolina

Most nontraditional students interested in becoming a trucker would prefer to avoid the college freshman scene. This includes older trucking students or those returning to the trucking industry after a hiatus. The reason why professional trucking schools in NC are so popular is that they focus solely on training CDL holders. You don’t have to deal with liberal arts classes like underwater basket weaving. Instead, you get just the training you need, leaving school behind quickly to get behind the wheel of a big rig.

Private, professional trucking schools in North Carolina:

  • Roadmaster Drivers School of North Carolina, Inc. in Dunn
  • Crosscountry Truck Driving School in Thomasville
  • Future Truckers of America in Asheboro
  • Charlotte Truck Driver Training School in Charlotte
  • TransTech in Asheville, Charlotte, Newton, Roxboro, Rutherfordton, and Winston-Salem
  • SAGE Truck Driving School in Rocky Mount
  • JCC Truck Driver Training School in Smithfield
  • Carolina Truck Driving School in Charlotte
  • Charlotte Diesel School in Charlotte
  • Carolina Trucking Academy in Raleigh
  • Regency Truck Driving Academy in Fayetteville
  • Cape Fear Community College in Castle Hayne
  • Alliance Tractor Trailer Training Center in Hendersonville

When choosing one of these training schools, keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, you want to choose a school that is within your budget. However, even if the tuition price tag is terrifyingly high, there is usually the opportunity to apply for trucking scholarships. Another way to bypass the cost of trucking school is to choose to drive for a trucking company that will reimburse your expenses.

Yes, you read that correctly. There are several of the best trucking companies for new hires out there willing to pay you back in full the money you spent on getting a CDL. Truck driver tuition reimbursement programs are actually quite popular right now. Check out our trucking company profiles here on Trucker Classifieds to see which companies near you are offering tuition reimbursement for student drivers.

NC Community Colleges and Technical Schools

In addition to being home to Duke University, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State University, you can find plenty of schools training truckers. That’s right. Here in North Carolina, home of the Research Triangle, you’ll find truck driving certificate programs at local community colleges and tech schools:

  • York Technical College in Rock Hill
  • Sampson Community College in Clinton
  • Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute serving trucking students at Gaston College in Hudson, Richmond Community College, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, and Mitchell Community College all in Hudson
  • Nash Community College in Rocky Mount
  • Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville
  • Craven Community College in New Bern
  • Alamance Community College in Graham
  • The College of Davidson and Davie Counties in Thomasville
  • Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh
  • Isothermal Community College in Spindale, Rutherfordton, and Columbus
  • Carteret Community College in Morehead City
  • Beaufort County Community College in Washington

These schools all offer a certificate or diploma program. In addition, you'll discover when searching for each trucking school in North Carolina that most benefit from ample funding for students. So you'll find cool features like truck driver simulators that let you feel the real experience of being behind the wheel, all without having to have a driver's permit. Along with high-tech classroom toys, North Carolina community colleges and technical institutes training truck drivers provide a premium education. Part of this involves being a part of an accredited institute, which helps ensure the CDL training programs at these schools are top of the line.

Choosing Your North Carolina Trucking School

As you consider whether you want to go to a North Carolina trucking school, pause to consider your career goals. Do you want to be a professional truck driver? Do you want to be able to take over the road trucking jobs? Are you interested in hauling produce, glass, oversized loads, or construction equipment? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then going to truck driving school in NC is in your best interest. You'll pick up the hands-on skills and industry knowledge you need to excel in your career. Otherwise, you might never get your career off of the ground.

That's because the trucking industry and trucking companies, in particular, are looking for qualified truck drivers. Does this mean you have to have eight years of experience being a flatbed truck driver? No, but it does mean that you have some sort of professional experience as a trucker. This kind of experience comes to par with the course when you choose to go to trucking school in North Carolina. You are able to train and become qualified as a CDL holding Class A truck driver ready to pick your first trucking job.

Speaking of finding your first trucking job, when you are ready to make that leap, Trucker Classifieds has the jobs for you. Start your job search now to see what kind of trucking jobs are available in your area.

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