18 Trucking Schools in Ohio

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freightliner truck on the highwayHere in the Buckeye State of Ohio, potential truck drivers have a bright future ahead. It all starts with truck driver training, which is available at 18 private training facilities and community colleges. Whether you prefer the traditional student route or want to get your CDL as fast as possible, there’s a school, or two, for you. Check out these trucking schools in Ohio to help you get started with your trucking career.

Privately Owned Trucking Schools

The majority of truck driver training programs in Ohio comes from privately owned truck driving schools. You’ll recognize a few of these from other states including the nationwide Roadmasters Driving School and Trainco with a tri-state spread. However, most of the schools are independently owned and operated. As a result, they are in direct competition with other Ohio trucking schools. What this means for you are better training opportunities.

Each school is dedicated to standing apart from the crowd by offering their own spin on training. For example, take a look at Great Lakes Truck Driving School in Columbia Station. This trucking school offers customized training. You are able to create your own CDL training that can include Class A skills, heavy equipment, and ethics, as well as safety and compliance. This is ideal if you want to get more out of trucking school, or if you already have a trucking path in mind for yourself.

Start your search for the best trucking school in Ohio with this comprehensive list of privately run, professional CDL training institutes:

  • Roadmasters Drivers School of Ohio in Columbus
  • Great Lakes Truck Driving School in Columbia Station
  • Big Rig Truck Driving School in Massillon
  • Napier Truck Driver Training in Hamilton
  • Trainco in Perrysburg
  • Truck Driving Academy in Piketon
  • Drivers Edge CDL Training Academy in Piqua
  • Northview Professional Trucking Academy in Lorain
  • Apollo Truck Driving Academy in Lima
  • Action in Motion Truck Driving Academy in East Cleveland
  • Hamrick School in Medina
  • Destiny Truck Driving Academy in Wellston
  • TDDS Technical Institute in Diamond

As you will see, each school has its own schedule, a time frame for completion, and pricing. Choose the Ohio trucking school that works best for your needs.

Community Colleges in Ohio

On the flip side of the trucking school coin are community colleges training trucking students in Ohio. There are a handful of schools offering programs throughout the state, as well as a couple of schools with multiple locations. Here you can choose the school closest to you, or consider living on campus if that is an option for CDL students. Take a look at these Ohio colleges offering CDL training:

  • Cuyahoga Community College in Euclid
  • Clark State Community College in Springfield
  • Northwest State Community College in Archbold
  • Ohio Business College in Middletown and Dayton
  • Southern State Community College in Piketon, Pomeroy, Jackson, South Point, and Wilmington

At the Cuyahoga Community College in Euclid, for example, students can enroll in the Transportation Innovation Center. This facility provides more than just CDL training. Students are able to learn using an Eaton autoshift transmission, as well as a 10-speed manual transmission. This enables them to be ready to run in any big rig that they need to. In addition, the school provides small class to teacher ratios to give every student plenty of one on one time. The cost of this CDL program is $5,495.00.

Cost of CDL Training in Ohio

A quick look at the figures at other trucking schools in Ohio, and you’ll notice that this state has a higher price tag on training. For instance, Clark State Community College charges $5,500 for a four-week CDL training course. At Northwest State Community College, trucking students pay $6,323 for in-state tuition and $9,227 for out-of-state tuition. These tuition costs are about twice what you will find in other states offering community college CDL training.

However, this could be a reflection of the quality of the training. Consider that these higher tuition rates are at the local community colleges offering training. For instance at Truck Driving Academy in Piketon, the tuition is a fraction of the cost. Therefore you want to take into consideration how you will be able to pay for trucking school before you apply.

Paying for Trucking School

One viable option is to find a trucking company that offers tuition reimbursement before you start trucking school. If you attend a trucking school that is sponsored or in partnership with the trucking company offering reimbursement, then you can go to school for free essentially. Start your search for Ohio trucking companies that will pay for trucking school tuition. We have all of the resources you need right here at Trucker Classifieds. Get going today and begin your new career as a truck driver working for the top paying trucking companies in Ohio.

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