3 Trucking Schools in Rhode Island

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green grasses along side CFI truckRhode Island may be a small state, but it does not lack in truck driver training opportunities. There are three quality trucking schools in RI offering comprehensive CDL training. If you are a student interested in getting your commercial driver’s license in Rhode Island, here are the schools that will train you. Choose the school that best meets your tuition requirements, training timeline, and training programs.

International CDL LLC

At International CDL LLC, truck driving students can choose between Class A and Class B CDL training. Most truck driving students opt for Class A CDL training. This is the type of commercial driver’s license you will need if you want high paying OTR trucking jobs. A Class B will only allow you to handle local trucking jobs and regional trucking jobs within your home state. In other words, you can’t cross the state line with your freight.

However, if you are a truck driving student younger than 21 who wants to start driving a truck, this is a good route to take. You can gain valuable behind the wheel experience as an 18, 19, or 20-year-old. Then when you turn 21, you already have a few years of experience. This will set you at a higher pay rate when you apply for a new trucking job. And that is what you want as a trucker, to be able to earn as much as possible.

Class A CDL training is $6,300 for tuition, prep materials, and truck sponsor appointments. If you go with the Class B training it is $4,000. For this price for CDL training, you can expect to spend 22 hours minimum a week in training. The school does not specify exactly how long these training courses are, but there is the option of short programs, too.

A short program will train students to get a Class A or Class B CDL in 8 hours for $995 or 20 hours for $1,995. Keep in mind the school also charges $495 for a four-hour truck rental fee if you need to rent a truck to train for these short programs. You can also take truck driver CDL refresher training at International CDL LLC for $2,495.

New England Tractor Trailer Training School

At the New England Tractor Trailer Training School of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, truck driving students can attend Commercial Driver’s License Training School. This school has been teaching Rhode Island trucking students for more than 40 years. Based in Springfield, Massachusetts, the NETTTS network also includes three other locations for trucking schools in New England.

The class includes classroom instruction for the written exam of the CDL test, as well as behind the wheel handling and maneuvering skills for the road exam. This prepares students to be ready for Rhode Island trucking jobs.

The NETTTS of Pawtucket offers Class A and Class B training for the CDL exam in Rhode Island. Keep in mind if you are a resident of another state, you may not be eligible to attend trucking school in Rhode Island. The Department of Motor Vehicles will require you to pass the RI CDL exam, which may have rules or laws for truckers that vary from other states.

The total program for a Class B CDL runs for 80 hours and covers passenger endorsement training. This would be something for bus drivers to use for their job. The NETTTS does not specify how long the Class A CDL training program runs for, but it is most definitely longer than 80 hours. If you are interested in Class A CDL training, the NETTTS administration will help you find financial aid if applicable. They also help military veterans apply for GI Bill benefits as they are eligible for truck driver training and education.

Teamsters Local 251 Driving School

Located in East Providence, Rhode Island, trucking school students can enroll in training at the Teamsters Local 251 Driving School. This truck driver training center offers eight weeks of training for a Class A CDL. Training is handled with small class sizes so you get plenty of behind the wheel practice.

The school makes it easy to get started as a truck driver. You are able to get your certified medical examination for the Department of Transportation done onsite at the school. They will also handle your DOT drug and alcohol screening, which is required for all CDL truck drivers. If you want to get your hazardous materials endorsement for a CDL, the school provides this training upon request.

To help you pay for Rhode Island trucking school, the Teamsters Local 251 Driving School is connected with several state funding organizations. If eligible, the RI Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act grant, First Source Providence, and Real Jobs RI funding is applicable for this program. This can be a great benefit for student truck drivers who are already on a tight budget but want to learn to become a trucker.

Finding a Rhode Island Trucking Job

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