4 Trucking Schools in Wyoming

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truck for Ryder on the roadGoing to trucking school in Wyoming is not impossible. It is just more complicated due to sparse population size and simple lack of CDL training programs. Student drivers are limited to four schools, one of which is affiliated with a WY community college. Find out where truck drivers train to get their CDL in Wyoming with this comprehensive list of trucking schools.

Trucking Schools in Wyoming

There are only four schools in the state currently offering truck driver training. However, three schools have more than one location, which makes it easier for trucking school students to access training:

  • Central Wyoming College in Riverton, Lander, Jackson, and Dubois
  • SAGE Truck Driving Schools in Casper and Cheyenne
  • Mountain West Commercial Driving School in Gillette and Cheyenne
  • WCA Regional Training Center in Casper

Central Wyoming College

At Central Wyoming College with campuses in Riverton, Lander, Jackson, and Dubois, student drivers can receive CDL training via the Wind River Job Corps. The Job Corps is a federal program for students that is operated by the Department of Labor. Students 16 to 24 can receive training in a vocation including truck driving. While in training, students receive college credit that can be applied toward an associate’s degree in the college system. The vocational trades include heavy truck driving, as well as heavy equipment mechanic, welding, and petroleum technician among others. To get started, interested students would need to contact Central Wyoming College.

SAGE Truck Driving Schools

The SAGE Truck Driving Schools network stretches from Utah to Pennsylvania with two locations in Wyoming. Trucking school students interested in training at a SAGE location in WY can go to Casper or Cheyenne.

The types of CDL training at this school include a five-week Class A CDL essentials course and a two to three-week advanced driver course. Student drivers can also complete a five-week truck driver externship. By combining all three of these programs, students can receive a comprehensive truck driving education in three months. The school also offers a Class B CDL training course along with a truck driver refresher program.

WCA Regional Training Center

At the WCA Regional Training Center in Casper, Wyoming, student drivers can take Class A or Class B truck driver training. The Class A CDL training includes a two, three, and six-week training program. The two-week course features 120 hours of instruction while the six-week program includes 360 instruction hours.

Students are able to practice behind the wheel on the school’s driving range. In addition, student drivers receive classroom instruction on all major CDL exam topics. These include everything from operating and backing a big rig to handling hours of service rules and route planning.

Following the CDL training program, students are able to take the CDL exam onsite. This allows student drivers to test and train in the same setting with the same instructors. It can make passing the CDL exam easier for many students since they are more comfortable in the truck and on the driving range.

In addition to CDL training, the school offers a multitude of specialized CDL classes you won’t find at any other trucking schools in the nation. You can take a day-long course on log books, DOT regulations, and DOT audits for trucking violations. There is also a five-day program for student drivers called long combination vehicle training. This training is idea for drivers hauling doubles and triples in trailers, as well as drivers of oversized freight in Wyoming.

Mountain West Commercial Driving School

The Mountain West Commercial Driving School has a facility in Gillette and Cheyenne. Student drivers can earn a CDL in four weeks with daytime classes. Evening classes are available as well, noting that if you take evening classes your total training time will be longer. When in CDL training at Mountain West Commercial Driving School, you learn how to operate a Class A tractor and trailer.

Along with classroom instruction and driving time, you also train for all applicable CDL endorsements. As an OTR truck driver, you are going to get your doubles/triples, tank, and hazardous materials endorsements for your CDL while in training. This saves you the trouble of trying to get these endorsements later on. Consider how tedious it will be to try and study and pass the endorsement exams when you start taking OTR trucking jobs.

You will want to have this already behind you, rather than having to deal with this on your home time. While at this Wyoming CDL training facility, you also are able to take all CDL exams on site. The school has certified test administrators by the state of Wyoming. This means you can do everything you need to get started as a commercial OTR truck driver while at the Mountain West Commercial Driving School.

Trucking Jobs for Student Drivers

Once you get your CDL in Wyoming, that is the biggest hurdle you will cross in working as a truck driver. The next hurdle is much less difficult thanks to Trucker Classifieds. We provide you with the best trucking jobs for student drivers. We provide you with job listings from trucking companies that hire drivers with no experience behind the wheel. This saves you a ton of time and headaches caused from trying to scout out your own trucking jobs.

Most trucking companies are also offering tuition reimbursement. This means you can get paid back 100 percent of the money you spent on trucking school tuition. All you have to do is find trucking companies that give tuition reimbursement and apply to their trucking jobs today. Get started by searching for these jobs on Trucker Classifieds today.

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