Top Trucking Tech Tools for Finding Truck Parking On the Road

Thursday, Feb 21 2019 admin

Parked trucks in truck parking lotWhat’s one of the biggest problems that truck drivers face over the road? It’s not lot lizards, it’s not roadside litter, and it’s not other truckers who wear flip-flops instead of cowboy boots. The biggest problem truck drivers deal with is finding a place to pull over for the night. Truck driver parking is a pain. To help you get through the daily dilemma here are the top trucker tech tools for finding truck driver parking over the road.


TSPS for Truck Specialized Parking Services offers a couple of features for truck drivers and owner-operators. The biggest one is the Find Parking map that lets you look up truck driver parking according to GPS location data. You quickly receive a list of information about the availability of truck parking, i.e., 30 out of 35, along with whether or not parking is slow, steady, or busy.

Also, you get a list of the general services that you might be looking for, such as paved parking surface, flush toilet, free parking, and restrooms. This is because the site includes all truck parking areas including rest areas, truck stops, and gas stations. This is quite helpful when you are trying to spot a truck stop parking area in the distance and determine if it will have what you are looking for in terms of services for truckers.

Smart Truck Route

The Smart Truck Route app is available for Google Play and the Apple App Store. This app provides GPS truck routing via your tablet or smartphone. The app works for iOS and Android operating systems if you are looking for a truck parking app to work with the same tablet that you use for your ELD.

The app is free to use, but if you want to use it for more than seven days you’ll have to pay. The app costs $11.99 for seven days or $29.99 for three months. You can also subscribe for a year of service for $59.99 or three years for $129.99. The app also states that you can download the truck routing menus to use from 1 to 2 pm EST and 1 to 2 am EST daily, which is a head-scratcher. However, if you want to download the app and use it only when it’s free to do your route planning, this is an option.

The Smart Truck Route app advertises that it allows truck drivers to miss low bridges. This is ideal for drivers who frequently haul freight in new cities on different routes. The app also identifies roads that are safe for semis, construction zones, temporary restrictions, and weight limit issues. You are also able to route hazardous materials using the app while keeping with the required hazmat rules.

Truck Map

Truck Map is an app that provides three main services. You can use the app to help you plan your trucking routes using GPS data. You can also use the app to find truck parking, truck stops, and weigh stations from wherever you are over the road.

The app also helps you identify truck restrictions, such as weight limits or construction zones, as well as low bridges up ahead. By the way, you can use Truck Map to find grocery stores near you. This can be quite useful if you need to restock your truck fridge over the road and are unable to find what you want at truck stops. With Truck Map, you can specifically find Walmart stores, as well as truck stops including Roady’s, Love’s, Petro, AM Best, TA, and Pilot Flying J.

In terms of parking for truck drivers, the app lets you find truck parking for three different scenarios. You can search for daytime parking, hazmat parking for truckers, and overnight truck driver parking.

Truck Map is available on Google Play and the Apple Store for Android and iOS systems. It is free to download and there are no additional types of content to buy. This means you won’t be able to pay to get rid of adds, but you will have the ability to use all of the app’s features without paying anything.

Road Hunter

The Road Hunter app for Google Play and the Apple Store is a truck driver app billed as a personal navigation assistant. With this app, you are able to search for truck stops and GPS routing information. Like Truck Map, the Road Hunter app is completely free. When you download the app you can do everything that you can with Truck Map plus more.

This app lets you identify severe weather and avoid it by rerouting your truck in real time. You can also look for information about Canada routes and Canadian truck stops thanks to a strong community of Canadian truck drivers who also subscribe to the app. The app also features free and unlimited faxing for those truck drivers who still fax.

How to Choose the Right Truck Parking App

With so many options of truck driver parking apps on the market today, how do you choose just one? Sometimes you need one app for one particular function, such as the use of the Canadian data in the Road Hunter app. However, ideally, you will want to go with an app that offers you the most features in one package. In addition, free can be better but only if you are able to get the most user-friendly experience from all of the features you need.

Start by picking up to three apps that you like the most and try these out for a couple of trips. See which ones work best for you and the app that you end up going to the most during those trips. This is your go-to app for finding truck parking over the road.

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