Werner Enterprises Recognized as Best of the Best for Vets

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werner enterprises flatbed truck on the roadRecently, the Nebraska trucking company Werner Enterprises took the home top prize. In honor of serving veteran drivers, Werner was presented with the Best of the Best for 2018. This award was given by the US Veterans Magazine. In order to be selected, companies must have initiatives or programs in place that allow them to exceed the expectations.

These expectations involve the recruitment and hiring practices for military veterans in the US. Werner Enterprises is one of the most military vet driver friendly companies on the planet. If you are a veteran truck driver interested in working for such a company, learn about the kinds of programs that Werner is currently offering you.

Best of the Best

Werner Enterprises has been selected among hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies as one of the Best of the Best. The US Veterans Magazine conducted a poll of the companies to find out which businesses best serve vets. This includes providing job recruiting services for veterans, as well as offering special services to enable veterans to have an equal playing field. To be named to this list and awarded this recognition shows Werner takes service members, veteran drivers, and their families very seriously.

Veteran Truck Driver Programs

Can you find a truck driver family at Werner Enterprises? If you are looking for a trucking job that pairs you on fleets with other veterans, then yes you can. If you want to make excellent money and have consistent workloads, then yes. If you are interested in operating with some of the newest technologies and equipment, yes.

In fact, Werner wants to hire you and is actively recruiting drivers like you right now. The Nebraska trucking company is committed to hiring at least 2,000 military veterans along with 250 spouses by the end of the year in 2018. By the way, the carrier has already hired more than 10,000 veterans and service members, as well as 700 spouses, since 2012.

Regarding the initiative, Werner Enterprises Associate Vice President of Student and Government Recruiting, Jim Morbach, said, “We take great pride in our commitment to former and currently serving members of the armed forces and their families. We are privileged to have many talented military men and women in our company, and we will continue to invest in their success at Werner.”

At Werner Enterprises, if you are in the military, a veteran, a spouse of someone in the military now or previously, then you are eligible for several vet trucker programs. In fact, the reasons why so many veteran drivers and their spouses come to Werner Enterprises is to take advantage of these special services.

Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program

The Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program has helped more than 4,500 student drivers successfully get a CDL. This program is only available at Werner Enterprises. If you are a military vet, service member, or spouse, you are eligible to be enrolled in the program. While in the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program, you are going to get paid to train to be a trucker. In addition, you are eligible to receive your GI Bill benefits, if applicable, of up to $23,714.40, in addition, to the pay by Werner Enterprises.

This training provides you with all of the truck driving skills specific to Werner Enterprises that you are going to need for your new trucking job. Once you complete the training, you are provided with a trucking job at Werner Enterprises. The training is completely free as long as you follow the requirements by Werner.

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Werner Enterprises also helps out military vets and service members who have recently completed trucking school. If you are fresh out of trucking school, need to start paying back your student loan, and want to find a trucking job, here’s a program for you. The tuition reimbursement program at Werner Enterprises allows you to earn $250 a month for up to $15,000. All of this money is given to you, not to the school. So you can easily get reimbursed for your trucking school tuition costs.

By the way, if you want to attend the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program at Werner, you have to go to trucking school first. A smart path to take would be to go to truck driving school, approved by Werner Enterprises. Graduate and apply to be in the Professional Truck Driver Apprenticeship Program. Enroll in the program and apply for the tuition reimbursement program. Then you are able to get paid back for the money you spent on trucking school, while you go through training or finishing school and get GI Bill benefits. That is more than $37,000 that you could receive while gaining the skills you need to be a truck driver.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at Trucker Classifieds to see what trucking jobs at Werner Enterprises are currently available. Get a head start and apply today. You can do all of this here at Trucker Classifieds for free including looking for trucking schools. We want to help you take a shortcut in the process of finding that perfect trucking job.

Source: Werner - News

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