Tony Osgood of XPO Logistics Achieves 3 Million Accident-Free Miles

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As a truck driver, you strive to make it over the road and back home again without having an accident or incident. Yet accidents happen even to the best of drivers due to other drivers’ errors. So when you are able to cover more than a million miles without having an accident, it speaks volumes about your truck driving skills. Just ask Tony Osgood of XPO Logistics who recently hit the 3 million miles mark without having an accident.

Millions of Miles Driven

Osgood has been a commercial truck driver for more than 39 years. He currently drives for XPO Logistics in the LTL trucking jobs based in New Orleans, Louisiana. As an XPO Logistics truck driver, Osgood has driven more than 3 million miles and is recognized as a safe driver by the carrier.

When asked about the great achievements of Osgood, XPO Logistics Chief Operating Officer Troy Cooper said, “We're proud to have so many skilled professionals behind the wheel in our LTL business. Three million safe miles is impressive, and I thank Tony for his commitment. He inspires our entire company to be proactive in preventing accidents and injuries.”

Tips for Safe Truck Driving

Whether you are just starting out as a truck driver or you have 25 years of behind the wheel experience, it never hurts to brush up on your truck driver safety skills. In fact, with truck driving technology changing as much as it has in the last decade, many new rules and guidelines have been implemented. Let’s talk about some of the most current truck driver safety issues and what you should do to protect yourself and your freight.


Driving down the road is never the time to whip out your cell phone. You already know that it’s illegal in the DOT’s eyes and you risk getting ticketed and a negative score on your CSA if caught using it. But what about those electronic logging devices that require you to punch in your information throughout your route?

Just like you would with paper logs, wait until you are safely stopped to input information. Most of the electronic logging devices will require your truck to be in park or turned off before you can input data anyway, so stay safe. Considering that these devices are tracking your movement, it wouldn’t be wise to try to work on these while your truck is in motion. Chances are the DOT will have a way of noticing this behavior, and it won’t look good for you.

Bad Weather Driving

When the weather is frightful it is the time you need to take extra precautions and put your defensive driving skills to the test. Be on high alert when the first raindrops fall as this is when the roads are the slickest due to the build-up of oil and grime. Same goes for snowfall, especially if it is the first snow of the season. Being able to weather the storm requires you to keep your speed low so to avoid last minute decisions due to other drivers stopping, stalling, or sliding around in front of you.

Defensive Driver Training

Another way you can improve your truck driver skills so you can cover those millions of miles accident-free is to sign up for a defensive driving course near you. Several of the trucking schools around the nation are offering truck drivers defensive driving classes.You do not have to take CDL classes to get this information since defensive driving is a separate class.

It is worth the time to take the course, which often lasts for a single day. In addition, you may likely be able to save money on your truck driving insurance by having this course on your driving record. Just make sure to get a certificate of completion signed by the instructor to be able to present it to your insurer.

Driving for XPO Logistics

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Source: XPO Logistics - Newsroom

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