XPO Logistics Now Using Four New Trucking Technologies

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xpo logistics trainingOne way to get ahead in the trucking industry is with technology. Take your truck driving job search. You are using the internet and some type of computer to search for trucking jobs and trucking industry news. This is how you are able to apply to these jobs you find so fast, too. Trucking technology is also helping truck drivers at XPO Logistics to become more efficient in several ways. Learn more about the newest tech to be put into the fleets at XPO Logistics and how to find LTL trucking jobs with this carrier.

Trucking Tech at XPO Logistics

The trucking technology that XPO Logistics recently announced is expected to help the company improve its overall bottom line. According to XPO Logistics Chief Information Officer Mario Harik, “Our technology is spurring growth across all the services we offer. We've pinpointed four high-impact areas where we can lead the LTL industry in transforming traditional approaches to serving customers. Two of these innovations - dynamic route optimization and linehaul bypass - are already in pilot. Given our capacity for innovation, our opportunity for creating value in LTL is nearly limitless.”

Here is a breakdown of these technologies being implemented for truck drivers at XPO Logistics.

Linehaul bypass model

This new technology features sophisticated algorithms that help XPO Logistics better coordinate LTL freight loads. Using this model, the trucking company is expected to become more efficient with fuel and time.

Load-building using artificial intelligence

The use of AI will be used to help lumpers and dockhands to improve truck loading and unloading services. Also known as intelligent load-building technology, this system will improve efficiency and minimize damage to freight.

Dynamic route optimization for PU&D

This technology is going to help XPO Logistics truck drivers set up their routes and make deliveries more efficiently. The tools are expected to increase how many PU&D stops each driver is able to make in an hour. By taking into account construction, traffic, and weather, dynamic route optimization technology makes XPO drivers more efficient at their jobs.

Creating freight pricing algorithms

The LTL freight market is one of the most difficult to measure because LTL loads vary so greatly. Unlike the standard 26 pallet truckload freight, LTL freight varies in size, weight, class, and so much more. The pricing algorithms that XPO Logistics are able to use to calculate LTL freight costs will help make the company more efficient overall. An algorithm is a high-tech math equation that fills in the details to predict the best price for that particular freight shipment.

Benefits of Trucking Technology

Using these trucking technologies is expected to help XPO Logistics become a more efficient trucking company overall. From helping drivers save time on routing to cutting down on fuel use, trucking tech makes a driver’s day a lot easier. However, this is only the truth when trucking technology works successfully. In today’s high tech world, be sure to understand how to use trucking tech for your truck driving job. Whether you need to learn more about electronic logging devices or diesel emissions technology, one place to find out this information is right here at Trucker Classifieds.

Trucking Jobs for LTL Truck Drivers

We keep you informed with everything you need to know about becoming a professional truck driver. In fact, we go a step further and help you become a driver, too. If you are an LTL truck driver searching for trucking jobs in your city or state, get started here. Use our free job search to look through tens of thousands of job postings. We work with the best trucking companies in the US to advertise their top paying trucking jobs.

Whether you are just starting as a student driver looking for LTL trucking jobs or you have experience in LTL hauling, there’s plenty of trucking jobs available for you. XPO Logistics hires truck drivers in all capacities and experience levels. In fact, you can even receive CDL training at XPO's LTL Driver Training School. In 12 weeks, you will gain all of the behind the wheel skills you need to get your Class A CDL and your first trucking job. You can take those trucking technologies and put them to great use with pay per mile that ranks at the top of the driver salaries.

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Source: XPO Logistics - Newsroom

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