YRC Worldwide Recognizes Five Top Truckers at 2019 NTDC

Thursday, Aug 29 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Recently the American Trucking Associations listed the finalists in the National Truck Driving Championships. The competition was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania earlier in August. During the competition, YRC Worldwide and YRC Freight had five truck drivers who were recognized. Four of these drivers competed in division championships while the other driver earned a perfect score during the competition. Find out more about these truck drivers and apply for trucking jobs on Trucker Classifieds.

About YRC Truck Driving Champions

yrc freight semi truck and trailersThe YRC Freight professional drivers taking the lead during the NTDC include:

  • Randy Ebinger a truck driver in Virginia for the 4-Axle Division
  • Alphonso Lewis, an Alabama trucker placed third the 5-Axle Division
  • Neil Nogues, a New Hampshire driver in the Straight Truck Division
  • Jeff Slaten, Florida trucker in the 3-Axle Division
  • Jimmie Wisley, location not listed, as getting a perfect score on the Highest Written Exam Award during the competition

According to Darren Hawkins, serving as the Chief Executive Officer for YRC Worldwide Chief, “We are very proud of our twenty-one professional drivers who competed at the 2019 National Truck Driving Championships. They are outstanding leaders and professionals, committed to safety and dedicated to serving our customers. It takes a lot of hard work and focus to emerge as a state safety champion and compete at this elite nationwide level."

Hawkins continued, "YRCW drivers competed with the best of the very best professional drivers in the United States. We congratulate you! We are all winners when our roads are traveled by drivers with such a strong safety focus. Thank you to all of the Team YRC Worldwide drivers traveling the nation’s highways today for your safety focus and dedication.”

LTL Freight Jobs at YRC Freight

YRC Freight is an LTL trucking company that has both over the road drivers and pickup and delivery drivers on its team. The company is based in Overland Park, Kansas and is part of YRC Worldwide. There are other carriers on the team that include Holland, New Penn, and Reddaway. While YRC Freight specializes in LTL freight loads, YRC Worldwide also covers local trucking lanes, regional routes, and national truck driving jobs. By working with YRC Freight, you have the opportunity to join this expansive network of trucking companies.

Truck Driver Pay and Benefits at YRC Freight

In terms of truck driver pay, YRC Freight is a leader in the industry. The company pays union contract pay rates. According to YRC Freight, in your first year as an OTR truck driver, you can make up to $60,000 paid by mileage. This breaks down to a competitive pay rate of up to 56 cents per mile for YRC Freight road drivers.

In addition, over the road drivers are paid an hourly rate if they are stuck on the road due to a load delay or truck breakdown. YRC Freight points out they are the only company that offers this pay structure for unexpected missed driving time. If you are a first-year pickup and delivery or P&D driver, you can earn more than $22 an hour. Drivers on both lanes get paid direct deposit every week.

As for the truck driver benefits, YRC Freight has to offer, you are looking at the best insurance deal you can find at any carrier. At YRC Freight, truck drivers receive completely free medical insurance for themselves—and their spouses and children. That’s right, 100 percent company-paid health benefits. This is comprehensive health insurance, too, and includes dental and vision care. You are also able to add on an extra couple of coverage options. These include a retail prescription drug plan or a mail-order prescription plan.

The truck driver benefits YRC Freight provides include tons of paid time off. You get paid holidays, paid vacation days, and paid sick leave aka personal time off. Drivers are eligible for bereavement pay, which is not typical from trucking companies and is a great benefit from YRC drivers. You also get paid for jury duty.

Work for YRC Freight in Trucking

To find work for YRC Freight in the trucking industry, check out our truck driving jobs here at Trucker Classifieds. You’ll be able to get hooked up to the biggest paying carriers in the nation. This includes YRC Freight, as well as Reddaway, New Penn, Holland, and YRC Worldwide. Start a search now for your next trucking job using our free search tools and platform. Everything you need to apply for those trucking jobs is right here at your fingertips, too.

Source: YRC Freight - News

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