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New Century's sudden shut down

Wednesday, Jun 25 2014

Some saw it coming. For others, it was a bombshell. Regardless, the reality is that New Century Transportation announced on June 9 that it would be closing and filing for bankruptcy. More than 1,500 employees were subsequently terminated. A provider of national truckload and less-than truckload services throughout the U.S. and ... read more

Big Regulation Drowns Trucking's Voice

Tuesday, Jun 24 2014

Over the past few weeks, truckers have been in the news more than ever as the debate to “relax” regulations governing their work week unfolds. While they say “any press is good press,” this hasn’t necessarily been true for the average, American trucker lately. After reading only a handful ... read more

Paving the Future with Solar Roadways

Thursday, Jun 19 2014

Scott and Julie Brusaw aren't just looking to the future; they are building the future. The couple reside in Sagle, Idaho where they co-found and co-invent Solar Roadways. When global warming surfaced as a hyped topic of concern, the Brusaws began to brainstorm energy efficient solutions that combined solar power ... read more

The Next Gen of Engine Oil

Wednesday, Jun 18 2014

New oils will need to be slick for fuel economy but tough to protect engines Just when everybody was getting used to the API CJ-4 engine oils made necessary by EGR emission controls, a new class of engine oils is on its way to the market. In short, the coming ... read more

Arnold Transportation to add 260 trucks to fleet

Monday, Jun 16 2014

Arnold Transportation continues to move onward and upward with the announcement of the purchase of 260 new trucks to add to their ever-expanding fleet. This addition highlights Arnold’s credentials as one of the nation’s leading truckload providers and a premier destination for Class A CDL drivers. Arnold Transportation will ... read more

Con-way Truckload modernizes fleet

Wednesday, Jun 11 2014

Facing a nationwide driver shortage, Con-way Truckload recently announced its plan of action to make the company’s 2,700-tractor fleet stand out as one of the youngest and most modern in the trucking industry. In attempts to attract new drivers and keep the old happy, Con-way Truckload has purchased 550 new ... read more

Schneider to sponsor Lawler, Highway Angel Tour

Tuesday, Jun 10 2014

The 2014 Highway Angel Truck Stop Tour is in full swing, and headliner Lindsay Lawler is set to make many more stops at various locations all over the United States before the summer is over. "We saw a lot of success with last year's tour," said Lawler of the tour's initial ... read more

Maxim ad rips at trucking industry

Thursday, Jun 5 2014

If you have already flipped through the latest issue of Maxim magazine, you probably saw the advertisement for Villarreal & Begum Law Firm. At the top of the page an eerie banner, "serial killer." hovers above a menacing black and red image of a semi tractor with an unknown dark ... read more

Mack Trucks' Rolling Tribute Joins the Thunder

Thursday, May 29 2014

This past Monday, Memorial Day, our country set aside a day to honor the memory of soldiers who have served in the past and to rally in patriotism for those that continue to serve today. Amidst the picnics and water sports, the family gatherings and beginning of summer celebrations, there ... read more

Sylectus announces "Driver Stories" contest

Friday, May 23 2014

Whether you have only been driving for a few months or are retired from driving after a storied career, it is  likely that you have a story or two about your adventures as a carrier driver. Sylectus, a business unit of Omnitracs through Omnitracs Canada, Inc., and industry leader in ... read more