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"Be Prepared to Stop" Pushes for Solutions in Trucking and Roadways

Friday, Jun 24 2016

There's a saying that when the trucks stop, so does America. Yes, trucks are incredibly important - and so are the truckers that operate them. While many people only see trucks as transportation devices that move goods from Point A to Point B, truckers and economists know how important the ... read more

How a Trucker Can Plan for Retirement Mid-Career

Tuesday, Jun 21 2016

It’s said that regardless of your profession, you should start planning for retirement as soon as you enter the workforce. Unfortunately for many professionals – both young and old – this isn’t something that’s really given thought to for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their employer doesn’t offer ... read more

How to Limit Your Sugar Intake as an OTR Trucker

Friday, Jun 17 2016

Maintaining a healthy diet is often very difficult when you're out on over the road truck driving jobs. With a few smart substitutions and some planning ahead, though, it's easy to find foods that help you limit your sugar intake without compromising taste or convenience. Consider these ideas the next ... read more

How to Score a Beachside Load for a Short Vacation While Trucking

Tuesday, Jun 7 2016

When you are a truck driver finding time to travel and go on vacation is difficult. For the majority of truckers, the last thing they want to do when they come home is go somewhere else. Take a road trip? That’s too much like work. All the same, truck ... read more

Trucking: Then and Now a History of Truck Driving

Friday, Jun 3 2016

Every industry has its share of change and evolution - and the trucking industry is no exception. And just as change is always well intended, some changes have helped the industry and its drivers, while others have made it more difficult. But one consistency as it pertains to trucking from ... read more

The Best of the Truck Stop Rewards Programs

Tuesday, May 31 2016

Truck drivers deserve some perks here and there, and where better than at truck stops. After all, a truck driver will stop at dozens of truck stops throughout the week, either for fuel, trucker showers or for trucker parking. Oh, and food, don’t forget about food. Truck stop restaurants, ... read more

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