When Trucks Stop, America Stops

Impending apocalypse is all the rage in pop culture these days, from Doomsday Preppers to Mayan world-ending predictions, but it won't take a zombie apocalypse or a terrorist EMP strike to throw America into a state of chaos. See what happens when America's trucking industry is disrupted...

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You may not have realized how important trucking is to the things you rely on for your everyday life.
This is just the beginning, there's a lot more to be found!
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Our economy depends on trucks to deliver
of every commodity consumed.
In the U.S., trucks transport
worth of goods every year
What happens when American

3 Hours
Fuel Becomes Scarce

The busiest gas stations could run out of fuel in hours

The nation's busiest fuel stations sell between 200,000 and 300,000 gallons per month. These stations require multiple deliveries every day to meet this demand.

Manufacturing Delay

Component Shortages & Manufacturing Delays Will Develop

Major American manufacturers rely on just-in-time manufacturing. Computer manufacturers, like Dell and Compaq as well as major automakers, like GM and Ford are some examples.

24 Hours
Healthcare Supplies

Hospitals and Nursing Homes Will Begin to Exhaust Food and Medical Supplies

Truck transportation is key to delivering urgently needed medical supplies necessary to save lives.

Assembly Lines

Manufacturing Comes to a Halt, Thousands Out of Work

If assembly lines are forced to shut down, manufacturers will incur significant disruption costs, and thousands of employees will be laid-off as a result.

1-2 Days
The Food Industry

Shortages Develop

Every day, Americans purchase billions of dollars of groceries. Most of these goods are brought to market via daily truck deliveries.

Waste Removal

Americans become increasingly buried in garbage

Uncollected and deteriorating waste products create rich breeding grounds for microorganisms, insects, and vermin. Hazardous materials and medical waste will introduce toxins, as well as infectious diseases, into living environments.

2-3 Days
Banking Interrupted

Armed Truck Deliveries Unavailable to Replenish ATM Machines and Banks

Unable to conduct transactions at a central location, banks will be unable to process deposits, checks, and other standard bank transactions, bringing the American banking system to a halt.

"e" is for Empty

Service Stations completely run out of fuel for automobiles.

3-4 Days
Significant Shortages

Consumer panic and fear accelerate food shortages, empty shelves are seen everywhere.

Major Transportation

Without fuel, police, fire, rescue, and other public service vehicles will be paralyzed, further jeopardizing public safety.

Airlines and air cargo operations will be grounded due to the lack of fuel and supplies for operations.

Disrupted Goods

Since many large retail outlets typically keep inventories as lean as possible, problems often rise quickly during truck transportation slowdowns that occur from crises such as hurricanes.

2-4 weeks
Clean Drinking Water

Sources of clean drinking water will run dry

The average human cannot live longer than one week without water.