List of Trucking Companies

Trucker Classifieds works closely with many of the best and highest paying trucking companies in America to provide a complete list of local truck driving jobs near you. Trucker Classifieds list of trucking companies are organized alphabetically by trucking company name below to make your search for great trucking jobs easier. Select a trucking company’s name to view their company profile page. There you will find the most current information about the trucking company, links to their website and social media pages, as well as their latest truck driving job posts. Gain insightful information about our companies to better your career decisions. From each company profile, you can complete the easy Trucker Classifieds application to directly apply for trucking jobs with them.

As you search for trucking companies hiring drivers take a look at this well-organized list of trucking companies in the USA. Trucker Classifieds collects up-to-the-minute trucking job listings throughout the lower 48 states for truck drivers looking for high paying loads and regular trucking routes. Below you will see an alphabetized list of the best companies to work for in the USA. Whether you are searching for companies hiring drivers with no experience or trucking companies hiring experienced drivers, Trucker Classifieds maintains an updated and comprehensive listing of the best trucking jobs.

Using this List of Truck Driving Jobs

Start by searching through the list for trucking companies you’ve heard of or are interested in working for. You will notice that some companies have numbers in parenthesis next to their names. This number indicates how many trucking jobs are available at this particular time with that company. If you click on the name of any of the companies, listed below you will get detailed information about the company.

Use this information to help you decide which company will work best for your truck driving history, over the road experience and job expectations. Once you have found a job that meets your needs, use our convenient “Click to Apply” button and follow our 4-step application process. Your application will be sent to the trucking company via a secure network, taking the guesswork out of dealing with trucking company owners.

Types of Truck Drivers Needing Jobs

Driving short distances or long haul gives you the freedom to make great money while seeing the open road. Whether you are just starting out in the trucking industry or you have been a trucker for years, there is a truck driving jobs waiting for you. Start your search by looking at jobs that are suited for your level of truck driving experience and trucker history.

Are you interested in getting your CDL? Search among the best trucking companies that offer CDL training. After you’ve completed your training you will have a job waiting for you. We offer a comprehensive list of trucking companies hiring recent CDL graduates to help you find a job with a reputable trucking company. Truckers who are just starting out will want to find the best trucking companies for rookies. Some drivers prefer to work in teams, since team drivers typically get the most loads and earn the most money with long haul trucking. If you are looking for specific trucking types, such as reefer trucking jobs, HazMat hauls, tanker loads, flatbed loads or dry van hauls, you can look through the Truckers Classifieds company overviews to see which companies best suit your trucking experience.

You will find the best trucking companies for team drivers here at Truckers Classifieds.