Latest Truck Driving Stories

14 Trucking Schools in Iowa

Thursday, May 24 2018

Iowa might not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of trucking jobs. However, this state has a huge demand for commercial truck drivers, both for long-haul freight and regional loads. If you are currently a resident of Iowa or considering a move here to start ... read more

New Jersey Trucking Company NFI Ranked Top 50 Trucking Companies

Tuesday, May 22 2018

For trucking companies in New Jersey, one carrier stands out above the pack. NFI was recently included on the Top 50 Trucking Companies for 2018 by Logistics Management. This prestigious listing showcases the best logistics companies in the trucking industry. As a truckload carrier, NFI also ranked on the Top 25 Truckload Companies ... read more

14 Trucking Schools in Indiana

Thursday, May 17 2018

Bordered by the busy port city of Chicago where thousands of trucking jobs are located, Indiana is a popular Midwestern State for truck drivers. You gain the close access to Chicago trucking jobs, as well as the easy accessibility of the East Coast. Whether you are living and working near ... read more

CFI Named Full Truckload Carrier of the Year by project44

Tuesday, May 15 2018

The Missouri trucking company CFI has achieved great heights by being named as 2017 Full Truckload Carrier of the Year by project44. CFI is an OTR trucking company that was formerly known as Con-way Truckload. Today CFI is pushing forward with technology that helps customers receive shipping information more efficiently. When ... read more

Tyson Foods Announces Driver Pay Increase

Friday, May 11 2018

Tyson Foods, Inc., one of the world’s largest food companies, remains committed to the continued growth and innovation of its private fleet, and recently announced a substantial pay package for its long-haul drivers effective April 1, 2018. “As part of our efforts to continue to attract and retain professional drivers, Tyson ... read more

55 Trucking Schools in Illinois

Thursday, May 10 2018

If you live in Illinois, you are in a hot spot for truck driving jobs. For starters, you are within close proximity to one of the busiest cities for truckers, Chicago. As a major hub for transportation and port hauling, Chicago has historically been full of hustle and bustle for ... read more

Daseke, Inc. Adds Aveda Transportation to List of Trucking Companies

Tuesday, May 8 2018

In the trucking company network, one company has rapidly risen to the ranks of having the most carriers in its community. We are talking about Daseke, Inc., a company out of Texas that now owns more than two dozen trucking companies. From flatbed haulers to glass carriers, Daseke is now ... read more


Thursday, May 3 2018

Ozark Motor Lines, Inc., a family-owned ground transportation services company based in Memphis, Tenn., has announced a new pay increase for its long haul and regional truck drivers as well as driving teams. “It’s always great to be able to raise pay for our hard-working professional drivers,” said Patrick ... read more

5 Trucking Schools in Idaho

Thursday, May 3 2018

Idaho is a state in the Pacific Northwest that is known for far more than potatoes. Here the landscape is rugged and mountainous. Yet the state serves as a transportation route between the West Coast port cities and the rest of the western states. Idaho also ranks high for economic ... read more

FedEx Truck Drivers Earn Top Rank at State Championships

Tuesday, May 1 2018

As a truck driver, you take safety seriously. After all, your job and your life are at stake if you get lax on safety. You could lose your CDL and your truck driving job if you have too many accidents or incidents on your driving record. That’s why most ... read more

33 Trucking Schools in Georgia

Thursday, Apr 26 2018

The Peach State hits a home run for having such a wide variety of truck driving schools in the US. In addition, there are dozens of commercial truck driver programs presented by schools in the Technical College System of Georgia. There’s even a program provided on a military base ... read more

Celadon Adds Driver Technology to the Carrier’s Trucking Services

Tuesday, Apr 24 2018

All of the technology we have today really speeds things up for us. From having an in-cab communication system to using email to receive paperwork, the trucking industry has rapidly evolved with the use of tech. Today we can get in touch with dispatchers and shipping customers alike with just ... read more

26 Trucking Schools in Florida

Thursday, Apr 19 2018

What do you think of when someone says the word Florida? Is it palm trees and sunny beaches or truck driving schools? If you thought Florida would be the last place you could expect to find a trucking school, think again. This southern peninsula is home to more than two ... read more

3 Trucking Schools in Delaware

Thursday, Apr 12 2018

As one of the smallest states in the nation, Delaware has a population of 952,065. As a result, for truck driving students looking for training in The Small Wonder, the options are limited. Yet there are a few Delaware trucking schools and these have solid reputations. Here is a breakdown of ... read more

Everything You Need to Know About Yuma Truck Driving School

Tuesday, Apr 10 2018

As you search for the best trucking schools in Arizona, there is one standout contender. The Yuma Truck Driving School offers a comprehensive list of trucking school programs. Whether you are just starting out in the trucking industry or you have been out of the industry for some time and ... read more