Action Resources HazMat Trucking Company and Trucker Safety

Tuesday, Dec 5 2017 admin

tanker truck on the highwayWhen you haul hazardous materials for a trucking company, you put the utmost value on safety. From pickup to delivery, your attention to safety is the most important aspect of ensuring you have a successful run. Trucking companies that haul hazmat loads are equally responsible for providing truck drivers with the tools to make safe deliveries. Action Resources is one such company. Let’s check out how this trucking company in Birmingham, Alabama offers top-notch hazmat safety.

Movement of Hazmat and Oversized Loads

Whether you are handling a standard size tanker load of hazardous chemicals or an oversized truck load, your load starts with safety. Action Resources stays on board with hazmat safety for its drivers by focusing on the route and alternative roads, getting all the necessary paperwork in order, and contacting the proper authorities for any approvals for hauls.

Cleaning and Maintaining Trucking Equipment

In hauling a load of hazardous materials, you must think beyond the delivery. Before the load is picked up, your truck and trailer must be free of contaminants. To accomplish this lofty task, Action Resources puts cleaning at the top of the priority list, right alongside truck and trailer maintenance. By starting out with a spic-and-span rig each and every route, hazmat loads are insured to be free of debris that could be detrimental to the load contents.

Handling Logistics Between Shippers and Carriers

Possibly the most important process of any trucking job is the communication between the carrier and the shipper. If there is a miscommunication or lack thereof, this plays dangerously with the truck driver handling the haul. A truck driver must be able to reach the shipper or dispatcher for his carrier at any time during pickup to delivery. Action Resources understands this and provides highly efficient logistics services between shippers and carriers. This reduces any room for error during the communication process.

Driving for Action Resources

Action Resources provides trucking and transportation services for specialty trucking jobs including hazardous waste and heavy hauls. The company also has tanker loads for truckers, as well as providing freight brokerage for specialized and oversized loads.

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