Bates Technical College Offers Class A CDL Training in Tacoma

Thursday, Sep 19 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

potential truck drivers learning hands on training in truck cabBates Technical College also known as BatesTech is a college in Western Washington that offers CDL training. If you have lived in the state of Washington for at least a year and are a resident with a valid driver’s license, you are eligible to enroll. Find out how you can start training to become a truck driver with Class A, Class B, and even Class C truck driver training in Tacoma, WA at Bates Technical College. Then learn how Trucker Classifieds can help you find truck driving jobs for free so you can start driving a truck after you graduate from trucking school.

About CDL Training at BatesTech

CDL training at BatesTech allows you to get your truck driver license as a Class A truck driver in two quarters. You attend class in person at one of the three campus locations in Tacoma, WA. The school provides you with access to three different tractor types—9 speed, 10 speed, and 13 speed. You also train on a straight truck, as well as full truckload, which are 28 foot and 53-foot trailers respectively. This means you develop the skills to handle all of the rigs in the Class A and Class B trucking categories. However, with a Class A CDL, you get everything you need to drive over the road as a truck driver in Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

What to Expect in CDL Training in WA

To pass the class and get a certificate of training in the Commercial Truck Driving: Entry Level CDL program, you start with a driver simulator. The school offers a commercial driving simulator for new students who are studying to prepare for the student learning permit. Yes, you have to get a commercial learner’s permit in the trucking industry, just like you do when you are a new driver. After you study to get your CLP in Wash., you are ready to start learning those invaluable behind the wheel skills.

This next part of your truck driver training is focused on hours of service skills and e-logs, along with road atlas/mapping, routing, backing, and weight distribution. You learn everything you need to successfully operate as a professional truck driver. At this point, you are prepared to take your Class A or Class B CDL, or even the Class C for transporting passengers as a bus driver. The program sets drivers up for hauling freight regionally and locally, as well as OTR on intrastate trucking jobs.

Cost for Attending CDL Training

When you go to CDL training and trucking school at Bates Technical College, the total cost is an estimated $7,125 per year if you attend full-time. This is based on the overall college’s program costs, so the actual cost for the CDL training program may be less. As a result, the school states students end up paying about $3,000 in tuition. This is partly thanks to grants and scholarships made available to students at the school. That means when you are going to trucking school here, you can expect to pay approximately $6,000 for the two quarter-long program.

Opportunity Grant Pays for CDL

If you are curious about ways to pay for CDL training at a college, check this out. BatesTech offers access to the Opportunity Grant. This grant is available to low-income adults who need help paying for tuition, study guides, and other expenses while studying for the CDL in school. The program is open to adults who are residents of Washington State for a minimum of 12 months. You also need to meet the poverty guidelines via the FAFSA. Once you fill out the FAFSA your eligibility is determined for the program. The Opportunity Grant is available for students in the Commercial Truck Driving: Entry Level CDL program.

About Bates Technical College

Bates Technical College is a two-year school that provides students with technical training. You are able to earn an associate of applied science degree, as well as industry certifications for the trucking industry. The school has three campus locations in Washington. The main campus site is in Tacoma on Yakima Avenue, while the South Campus is in Tacoma on 78th Ave. The third site, Central Campus, is located on 19th Ave. All of the schools are approximately 35 miles from Seattle and 30 miles from Olympia.

Finding More Trucking School Information

To find out how to enroll in trucking school or more about trucking schools near you, check out Trucker Classifieds. We feature all the latest news and updates on paid CDL training that you won't have to pay for. Also, we can help you find trucking companies that pay tuition reimbursements so you are reimbursed for any money you plan to spend on trucking school. So even a program like the Commercial Truck Driving: Entry Level CDL program at BatesTech will be free. Come see what Trucker Classifieds has to offer in your neck of the woods today!

Source: Bates Technical College - Programs

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