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marten transport truck on the roadAs a truck driver who is a parent, you understand far too well the high price of a college education. If you are helping your child or children pay for college, then any assistance you can find can be beneficial. Consider college scholarships, which do not have to be repaid as student loans do. One place you can find scholarships is trucking companies. At Wisconsin trucking company Marten Transport, truck drivers can apply for the Randolph L. Marten Scholarship Program to pay for any colleges in the nation. Learn more about this great opportunity for truck drivers.

About College Scholarships at Marten Transport

To start with, let’s clarify that this scholarship opportunity is for students interested in a traditional college education. This typically involves getting an associate or bachelor degree or a certificate or diploma. It does not include CDL training at a truck driving school. The scholarship is for students attending a two or four-year college or technical school. Therefore, it is aimed at the children and dependents of truck drivers working for Marten Transport—and not for student drivers getting their CDL.

The Wisconsin trucking company gives out 10 college scholarships with a price value of $2,000 for each scholarship. This scholarship is given to students based on academic merit. It is not a scholarship for financial need. Therefore, students who are interested in getting this scholarship will need to be able to show they are involved in more than just school. Being involved in community activities, volunteerism, honor programs, and other types of academic organizations is what the trucking company is looking for when selecting scholarship recipients.

Only one child is eligible for a scholarship in a family each year. This means that truck drivers with multiple kids in college will not be able to get the scholarship for more than one child per year. Students who are awarded the scholarship one year can reapply the next year for the scholarship in the same amount. This means you can reapply for a $2,000 scholarship for up to four years while your child completes their undergraduate program. This offers the potential value of $8,000 that you can save on your child's college education.

Driver Eligibility for Scholarship

As for the truck drivers who can apply for the scholarship for their child’s college expenses, you must also meet some requirements. You must be employed full-time by Marten Transport at the time when you apply for the scholarship. You also need to have worked for the Wisconsin trucking company for at least a year when you apply for the scholarship. Stepchildren and adopted children are eligible for this scholarship at Marten Transport. However, they must be financially dependent and/or living in your household. Note that this is not a scholarship opportunity for spouses or current truck drivers.

Applying for the Randolph L. Marten Scholarship

When your child applies for this scholarship, they will need to send in their high school or college transcripts and a completed Randolph L. Marten Scholarship Program application by Marten Transport. They will also need to highlight their work experience, extracurricular activities, academic awards, and honors. The application also calls for students to tell about their educational goals and aspirations, as well as any unique circumstances that may have affected their achievement.

Within the application, you can see what the scholarship appraisers are looking for in application responses. This is the application checklist and scorecard that the appraisers will be using to judge your child’s application. Your child can use this information to make sure they provide everything needed for the scholarship application. This ensures their chances of being rewarded one of the ten annual scholarships.

Finding Trucking Schools Near You

While the Randolph L. Marten Scholarship Program is not available for CDL seeking student drivers, there are plenty of trucking schools out there that are geared for you. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we have a comprehensive list of all the trucking schools across the US. Search for trucking schools in Arkansas and Alabama, North Dakota and Nebraska.

Find CDL training near you that meets your budget. Whether you want free truck driver training or paid CDL training programs, we have a school for you. This will help you get hired by a trucking company like Marten Transport once you get your CDL. Then you can start saving money by applying for the college scholarship for your children. It all starts with a trucking school search here at Trucker Classifieds.

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