Marten Transport Offers Minimum Guaranteed Pay of $1,000 for Truck Drivers

Thursday, Mar 28 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

When it comes to getting paid as a truck driver, you want to know you are going to earn a certain amount each week. It’s all about creating a budget for yourself and your household. Marten Transport is making this process a lot easier by offering a guaranteed minimum pay for its truck drivers.

Pay Rates for Marten Transport Drivers

marten transport truck on the roadAt Marten Transport, truck drivers can earn a guaranteed $1,000 a week. This is the minimum that you will make. As a guarantee, you can rest assured that you will make more than this on your paycheck. This minimum pay is for all OTR truck drivers and regional truck drivers for the company.

Plus, the trucking company is currently offering exclusive pay boosters. These pay boosters can bring your pay up even more, to a max of 62 cents per mile. As a matter of fact, the company reports its top performing truck drivers are making $1,800 weekly.

Discover Haul Types at Marten Transport

Truck drivers with a variety of trucking experiences can find work at Marten Transport. The trucking company hires truckload drivers, as well as dedicated drivers and intermodal truck drivers. They also offer brokerage and freight in and out of Mexico, which boosts the amount of cargo that Marten Transport hauls. The trucking company hires team truck drivers, too, which is a great way to boost your pay. As a team driver, you are able to maximize the time your truck is rolling, automatically increasing your salary along the way.

Find Your Local Marten Transport Locations

The main headquarters for Marten Transport is in Mondovi, Wisconsin. Here drivers also have access to the company’s truck and trailer shop, as well as the main office where you can find trucking jobs near me. In addition, truck driver terminals for Marten Transport are located in:

  • Tucker, Georgia
  • Zionsville, Indiana
  • Jurupa Valley, California
  • Wilsonville, Oregon
  • Colonial Heights, Virginia
  • Desoto, Texas
  • Laredo, Texas
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Edwardsville, Kansas
  • Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  • Otay Mesa, California

As you can see, Marten Transport offers plenty of trucking job opportunities throughout the US. From coast to coast, there are terminals serving the truck drivers working at Marten. Do you live near these terminals? This could be a great way to find local trucking jobs that increase your income.

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Source: Marten Transport - Info

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