Discover the Benefits of the National Tank Truck Carriers for Drivers

Tuesday, Jun 4 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

In any profession, there are associations and organizations dedicated to helping strengthen the skills and network of its members. Take the National Tank Truck Carriers, a nonprofit based in Washington DC that represents the tanker drivers and tank truck industry at large. If you are interested in tanker truck jobs it is in your best interest to check out what the NTTC has to offer.

About National Tank Truck Carriers

The National Tank Truck Carriers organization was founded in 1945 with a focus on safety in the tanker truck driving sector. The vision for NTTC is “to serve as the voice of the tank truck industry and the recognized resource of its leaders.” The mission for NTTC is “to champion safety and success in the tank truck community through advocacy and education.” Some of the longest standing members of the NTTC include top paying trucking companies you have already heard of here at Trucker Classifieds—Kenan Advantage Group, Ruan Transportation Management Systems, Groendyke Transport, and Coastal Transport Co. just to name a few.

Special Events for Tank Drivers

tanker truck on the highwayAs a member of the NTTC, you get special access to events hosted only for members. Events held by the National Tank Truck Carriers association are great ways for you to learn more about your trucking job. For example, recently the organization hosted a cargo tank test and inspection workshop in Canton, Ohio. The NTTC regularly does this type of testing and truck inspection all across the US. In fact, Denver, Colorado; Baltimore, Maryland; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana are up on the schedule in 2019.

By attending one of the National Tank Truck Carriers events as a member, you get to rub shoulders with other tank truck owner-operators and trucking company owners. This means you are able to learn more about the latest safety practices and tank equipment utilized in the industry. Find out how to improve the way you handle tank hauls and increase your efficiency with these insider tips only available to NTTC members per these events.

Tank Truck Members

The NTTC also has a member directory where other tank truck drivers and owner-operators list contact information. This is an excellent way to find tank trucking companies you want to drive for. At Trucker Classifieds, you can also search for tanker truck jobs and tank trucking companies. We make it simple to find tanker truck driving jobs so you can start earning those big bucks sooner.

Check out the National Tank Truck Carriers

To become a member of the National Tank Truck Carriers, you will want to select a carrier, private fleet, or associate membership. Annual fees start at $1,000, or $250 for quarterly dues, for owner-operators and fleet owners with one to 25 tractor-trailers in operation. For you as an owner-operator, you would meet this level of fleet membership.

Becoming a Tanker Truck Driver

As a tanker truck driver, you have a unique responsibility for your freight. Tank freight loads are either flammable, liquid, or otherwise unstable. As a result, you put yourself and those around you at great risk. The absolute last thing you want to do when hauling tank loads is to have it blow up on you, literally. Start by getting your tank endorsement for your commercial driver’s license. You may also want to go ahead and get your hazardous materials endorsement. With the tank and hazmat endorsement in combination on your CDL, you are all set to handle any tanker truck driving jobs that come your way.

Help Finding Tanker Truck Jobs

Tanker truck driving jobs are a hot commodity. First of all, if you are a tanker truck driver, that means you have the CDL endorsement for tank. As a tank driver, you stand to make more money as a result. Earning more money per mile simply for having an extra endorsement on your license is a great way to boost your income as a trucker. Another way to increase your annual income in the trucking industry is by working for the best companies to begin with. Check out Trucker Classifieds to learn more about how to find tank trucking companies and tanker truck jobs near me.

Source: NTTC - About

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