Ryder System Inc. Chosen as World’s Best Employer by Forbes in 2018

Thursday, Mar 14 2019 Randall-Reilly Editor

Forbes publication is one of the premier sources of information in the business world. So to be named as one of the best employers on the planet by Forbes is quite the accomplishment. Ryder Systems, Inc., a trucking and logistics company out of Miami, Florida, has achieved this monumental achievement. Forbes selected Ryder as one of the World’s Best Employers for 2018. Find out what this means for you as you search for trucking companies to drive for on your next truck driving job.

About the World’s Best Employers

rear view of Ryder truck on the roadForbes released the list of the World’s Best Employers in October 2018. This list featured the top 500 companies worldwide recognized via surveys and polls. Keep in mind, originally there are 2,000 companies on the global list of top employers. However, based on employee ratings of their employer, the top 500 were selected as the final companies for the World’s Best Employers.

Ryder was selected as the top company in three key categories—leasing, trucking, and rental. Overall, the trucking company from Florida was ranked as No. 211 of the top 500. This is an impressive achievement, as discussed by the company’s management.

According to Ryder CEO and Chairman Robert Sanchez, This distinction from Forbes demonstrates that Ryder continues to remain top of mind within the industry and that we are committed to our employees and customers. Companies trust Ryder with their most critical fleet and supply chain operations because they know we have the best people in the industry working on their business. We invest in our people because they are fundamental to delivering on our promise to customers.

Ryder was also recognized for its listing on America’s Best Employers list by Forbes since 2014. The company is also noted for being on the Best Employers for Women list by Forbes in 2018. The military veteran truck driver community is equally supported by Ryder Systems. The trucking company was honored with the title of Most Valuable Employers for Military by Recruit Military for the past five years. All of these accomplishments show what kind of trucking employer Ryder is for truck drivers.

Trucking Jobs at Ryder Systems

If you are interested in trucking jobs at Ryder Systems, Inc., start by looking at the type of truck driver positions available. Ryder hires truck drivers for solo trucking jobs, team truck driving jobs, and flatbed trucking jobs. You can also find part-time trucking jobs at Ryder. Part-time trucking jobs let you be home every night and have a better work-life balance. This is ideal for truck drivers who are in need of more home time at the present time. Whatever your situation, Ryder Systems has a trucking career pathway for you.

For military truck drivers, Ryder offers assistance with the Military CDL Skills Test Waiver. This saves you significant time when you are getting your CDL after being in the military and having driving experience. You are able to bypass the skills test by being in the military, which means you only have to pass the road exam for the CDL.

Truck Driver Benefits

When you work at Ryder Systems, you have access to a number of driver benefits. These include a better work-life balance, as we’ve already noted. One of the biggest concerns of truck drivers is not being at home often enough. This can be stressful on truck drivers, which is why Ryder Systems provides a flexible scheduling option. Choose the amount of home time that you need to make your budget and household function best. Ryder wants its truck drivers to be successful, which includes having a healthy and stable home life.

Ryder Systems is also providing its truck drivers with a 401k retirement plan. The company will even match your contribution, which means you are able to save even more than you would on your own. Ryder truck drivers also benefit from comprehensive health insurance. You are able to get the healthcare coverage to protect you and your family at an affordable rate.

Finding Truck Driving Jobs at Ryder

To start working as a truck driver at Ryder Systems, start here at Trucker Classifieds. Our website makes finding the best paying trucking jobs simple. Everything is featured for free to make your trucking job search easy. Check out those trucking companies hiring now, and learn tips on navigating the trucking industry. You can even scout out the truck stops you will need along with your routes when you take your next trucking job. It all starts with hunting truck driving jobs at Trucker Classifieds. Find trucking jobs at Ryder and other top paying trucking companies today.

Source: Ryder - Press Release

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