Schneider National is a 12-Time Military Friendly Gold Award Recipient

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cab of schneider truck on the roadIf you are currently in the military or a veteran, you understand all too well how difficult it can be to transition to a civilian career. Take the commercial trucking industry, for example. In this industry, you can have years of professional driving experience while in the military. However, when you prepare to start a commercial truck driving career, this experience and licensing does not carry over. You essentially have to begin from the bottom and work your way back up the ranks. This is not only unjust but it also reduces the number of qualified truck drivers who could be highly beneficial to the US truck driving industry. Thankfully companies like Schneider National are working to break down these barriers and improve the transition for military drivers.

Ways Schneider Helps Veteran Truckers

Schneider National provides a helpful recruitment and driver training service for military truck drivers. By helping veterans overcome those issues that reduce job retention and make it difficult for them to find a trucking job, Schneider is leading the way in veteran job services. One of the ways that Schneider has helped veteran truck drivers is by recognizing military driving experience for job placement. This means veterans can earn a higher starting pay per mile based on this experience.

Schneider also guarantees reservists and National Guard soldiers home time when they have an annual training or weekend drills. Military truck drivers don’t have to use their vacation time or paid days off to cover these military requirements. Most other trucking companies do not offer military drivers this same benefit and require drivers to use their personal time if they want to get paid when doing military duties.

Another way that Schneider National helps veteran truck drivers to get started with a trucking career is by partnering with the VA Apprenticeship program. Applicable drivers can earn GI Bill benefits while completing this on the job truck driver training. It enables vet truck drivers to gain or refresh the skills they need to be a viable member of the Schneider trucking fleet. At the same time, they earn a paycheck along with their GI Bill benefits. It is a great financial incentive that helps boost the earnings of military veterans who are working toward a trucking career.

Military Friendly Award Recipient

Thanks to all of the dedication that Schneider National has put forward to military drivers and veteran truck drivers, the company has been recognized by Victory Media for the 12th year. Victory Media releases an annual report of the top military friendly schools and companies. These organizations are then ranked according to the best in the class by gold, silver, and bronze categories. To be featured in these top three categories, schools and companies must exhibit a high degree of involvement and dedication to helping those in the military, as well as veterans, to find jobs.

According to Rob Reich, Senior Vice President at Schneider and US Army veteran, “Schneider is proud to have been employing service members and veterans for over 80 years. Being recognized for a 12th time as a Military Friendly® employer for our commitment to our associates with a military background is truly an honor.”

Chief product officer at Victory Media Daniel Nichols added, “Companies that have earned this designation have exceptionally strong hiring programs and meaningful jobs for transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses. Our Military Friendly® employers have moved beyond answering ‘why hire military?’ They are truly aligning their jobs and recruiting efforts with Military Friendly® schools to translate competencies into civilian careers.”

Trucking Jobs for Military at Schneider National

If you are currently in the military or looking for jobs as a veteran truck driver, check out the opportunities available at Schneider. This trucking company helps individuals at every stage of their trucking career. Whether you are just starting out and need to get a CDL, or you have decades of military trucking experience, there is a position for you at Schneider National. The carrier provides some of the best paying truck driving jobs in the US. Whether you are looking to be a company driver for regional hauls or OTR trucking routes, Schneider has a job for you.

The company also hires team truck drivers, as well as drivers for dedicated hauls. Right now you could be eligible for up to $20,000 as a team driver sign-on bonus, making it a great time to apply for a truck driving job at Schneider National. Here at Trucker Classifieds, we have everything you need to find that perfect trucking job at Schneider. Search for trucking jobs in your city or state, and then apply for those jobs online using our free online application.

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